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June 24, 2010

Game 71: Take Five!

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First Star – Cliff Lee (.172 WPA)
Second Star – Ichiro (.169 WPA)
Third Star – Casey Kotchman (.166 WPA)

Last night I represented View From The Bleachers on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Live Blog. Well before the Cubs game started, Rob Neyer issued a challenge, asking blog participants to suggest “5 interesting things to look for in tonight’s game”.

I came up with the following 5 items of interest in the Cubs-Mariners game:

1. The Cubs will try to get a hit tonight.
2. The Cubs will try to score a run tonight.
3. The Cubs will try to find a win tonight.
4. Randy Wells will try to get through the 1st inning tonight.
5. Bob Howry and John Grabow will find new and exciting ways to give up runs.

The first batter of the game, Marlon Byrd, singled to right field, satisfying item #1 of the list, above. In fact the second batter of the game, Jeff Baker, singled also. At this point I thought the Cubs were slapping Cliff Lee around pretty good.

In the bottom of the 1st inning, the Mariners went 3 up and 3 down, thus satisfying item #4 of my “Take Five” list.

In the top of the 2nd inning Tyler Colvin hit a solo home run to right center, and things were looking pretty good for the Cubbies. This event satisfied item #2 of my “Take Five” list.

Actually, Randy Wells was cruising along pretty well through the first 3 innings. But the 4th inning was his Waterloo. The Mariners scored four runs in the bottom of the 4th, and there went the ballgame. The Mariners scored 2 more runs off of Randy Wells in the 6th, and two off of Sean Marshall in the 8th, but those runs were just icing on their cake.

The Mariners won 8-1. Mr. Howry and Mr. Grabow never entered the game.

The big story tonight was the masterful performance of Cliff Lee, pitching for the Seattle Mariners. Mr. Lee gave up only 1 run, on 9 hits, with 9 strikeouts and zero walks. And he pitched a complete game.

Len Kasper produced the quote of the night in the top of the ninth. With 2 outs and the Cubs trailing 8 to 1, Alfonso Soriano singled to center field. Mr. Kasper observed that Tyler Colvin would now come to bat with “the Cubs still barely alive”.

“The Cubs Still Barely Alive” pretty much describes the Cubs situation at this point of the season, too.

Astute observation, Mr. Kasper.

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I'm a third generation cubs fan, living in southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Chet

    9 hits and 1 run……the best stat of the night is that we left 20 , I repeat 20 men on base! Lee and Nady combined to leave 10 (5 each)! unreal. I have never seen a team go cold with ducks on the pond like this one. A bunch of choke artists!

  • Chet

    here is a quote from Piniella after the game…..

    Asked if he saw a “let up” in his slumping team, Cubs manager Lou Piniella said, “Let up? What I see is, uh, a lack of getting key hits.”

    hit the nail on the head….when your payroll is this high you must have somebody who can get a key hit, right?

  • Doug S.

    At the game last night.

    Those of you who have to travel to watch live MLB games know the effort required. Hotels, tickets, travel, in my case crossing a border, other arrangements, etc. All this to see the teams we love. I’m not saying the Cubs didn’t give any effort back, but as stated above, they didn’t produce much at the key times of the game. You don’t need me to beat that to death, instead here are some other notes.

    Safeco Field. I’ve been to 19 MLB parks and for my money Safeco is the best. Great field, stands, concourses, concessions, reasonable walking distance from many hotels. Bars and restaurants nearby.Roof for rainy days. Cool part about this roof is some sides are still open when it’s covered so you’re never really indoors. I love this park.

    Cubs fans. I’d guess about 50-50 in attendance, at least it seemed that way. A very cool atmosphere especially after Colvin hit one out. But I think we all knew, no way that’s going to hold up for the final score. Then you know what happened in the 4th, etc. I’m quite accustomed to this grief alone watching a game. Last night I got to experience it with many brothers and sisters. Trying to describe this sinking feeling is difficult. So much for a series win here.

    Seattle fans. They can’t pick on too many other teams with their track record. Walking around Seattle all afternoon in Cubs gear, I got some mostly good natured ribbing from M’s fans. Several “Cubs Suck” comments and this…….standing in a downtown shopping mall waiting for girlfriend to finish shopping was approached by a man who told me “you know I see all these homeless people out on the street, begging for money for food and shelter and I feel more sorry for you wearing that Cubs jersey than I do for them.” He wasn’t smiling, turned and walked away. I said back “thanks, I needed that.”

    So here we are, today is game 3, nice afternoon start, I prefer day games. Sunny outside, about 4 hours until game time. I expect the Cubs fans to be in full force again, wearing our “lucky” Cubs stuff. The boys give us a win and we’ll all go home happy……sort of.

  • Seymour Butts

    At Least I only have a 4hour drive home after today’s game, poor Doug has to leave the country (if I remember correctly ).
    I gave my 2 cents late last night on the previous thread, but most east coasters were long asleep.

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