First Star – Jason Vargas (.376 WPA)
Second Star – Franklin Gutierrez (.156 WPA)
Third Star – Alfonso Soriano (.139 WPA)

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that this team is not going to be playing postseason baseball this year. It’s been clear to me for about two weeks, but I just haven’t wanted to bring myself to admit it. In my head, I kept rationalizing a way for us to just squeek in. I did all the typical things when it comes to rationalizing, saying things like “If we just win each series” or “If we can win three out of five starts in the rotation each time”. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, this team just played game # 70. They have 92 games left and a safe bet for the playoffs each year is 90 wins. The rest of the way, over the course of those 92 games, we’d need 59 wins. That’s .641 baseball. I don’t see it happening. Over the next 10 days, the Cubs will have to show Jim Hendry that they can do it or he has to start selling before the deadline reaches and you’re left taking less for your product.

Last night, Seymour Butts was at the game and had the following to say:

Well, I saw it all from the 3rd row and it all sucked. I don’t know how Dempster looked on TV, but in person he was shaky. How can I say that when he only gave up 2 runs? well, he just did. A good team would have scored often. Highlights were Boardgame getting booed in his “home” stadium, Soto throwing the ball into left field on a 3rd strike, ALF trying to score from second on Colvins double that landed in the glove of the left fielder, and Soto being called out on consecutive pitches that appeared to be around mid calf.

That about sums it up nicely. I heard the only highlight on MLB At Bat on my Android as I lay in bed, when Gutierrez hit a home run as Pat was talking to Ron Santo on the phone about being honored for 50 years of Cubdom. Poor guy is going to die without ever seeing a World Series for the Cubs or getting inducted into the hall of fame.

That’s about it from last night. Anything you noticed?

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