Well lookee here, the first L-O-N-G weekend of the budding summer and the Cardinals are in town! And it looks like it’s going to be beautiful weather too. Can’t beat it! That is, unless we won today. Oh well. Tomorrow’s a new day.

My bit o’ babble this week is about the flip-flopping kind of results we are seeing so far this year. Who’d have predicted we’d lose two series to Cincinnati and another two to Pittsburgh, but win the Los Angeles series, the Texas series (in Texas no less), both against Milwaukee, and split the two games with the Phillies? This is encouraging to me in an odd sort of way. Make no mistake, those losses that should have been easy wins mean just as much today as they will in September. But for now, I’ll take whatever we can get! How do you feel? For more on flip flopping, check out Chet’s post from yesterday about our emotions as Cubs fans! Good stuff!

Enough from this Girlie, let’s move on to the week’s best. A whole lot of great stuff to choose from this week!


  • everyone’s favorite source for infallible information, Wikipedia
  • Maybe I’m glad I didn’t see those fielding errors, my heads been in my hands enough.
  • Disappointed to see Theriot only see 11 pitches out of the leadoff spot in 5 plate appearances. Not what you want to see from that spot.
  • Look out people, now that I’ve started playing this game, you’re all going down.
  • Getting cocky is the sure prologue to a miss.
  • my mother could fill out a better lineup card….
  • Maybe we should have them both split the first inning of games so they are not in the pen anymore… any takers?
  • I don’t want Lou fired, I just want him to change the gd line up.
  • Maybe I’m the only person feeling this way, but despite the fact that over the last week the Cubs have played better, I still feel rather lukewarm about our team.
  • we dodged the bullet aimed squarely at our series win that Lou fired from his double barreled bullpen suckage gun.
  • It’s a legit possibility that he could be the better Carlos in the rotation this year. How crazy is that?
  • Props to the Blackhawks for winning today and moving on to the Stanley Cup Finals.
  • Lou’s lineups this series have been mind-boggling. The second game in particular was just ridiculous. You have Soriano, a prototypical DH who justifies his salary 100% exclusively with his bat. He starts in left field all three games. You have Nady, a guy whose arm isn’t at full strength just yet. He starts in right for two straight games. You have Ramirez, a good defensive third baseman who has looked like Ted Lilly at the plate. He gets put in the DH spot, retaining his atrocious bat but losing his solid glove. You have Baker at third, representing both a defensive downgrade AND another middling bat in the lineup. And then you have Colvin, a rookie who the team allegedly wants to get more playing time. He would be a defensive upgrade over either Soriano or Nady if one of them were used as DH, and he would be an offensive upgrade over any of the guys used as DH, so naturally Lou had him riding the bench. Utterly mind-boggling.
  • Here is the big problem….when he goes to the pen what does he have to choose from?
  • Blame Hendry for the pitching, Lou for the lineups.
  • the Diamondbacks are sporting a very sexy 7.70 ERA. It could definitely be worse for us.
  • At this point it’s not a funk, it’s a trend. Be it mental or physical, perhaps a 15 day rest would do him good.
  • Big Z gets stimulated – er, I mean, simulated.
  • Not to put too fine a point on it, but we look kinda boned.
  • Is it bad when I hear that Lee hit a homer, and my first thought is, “Good, everyone can stop b*tch#ng for awhile.”
  • A dark cloud started hovering over Wrigley in the fifth inning and the circus music was being cued. Just as the clown car got loaded up and prepped for yet another comic ending to a beautiful evening…….the music stopped, the cloud vanished and Derrek Lee returned to form.
  • I don’t really need to write anything else about this because when Carlos saves a game and doesn’t flirt with throwing it away that goes in the good section!
  • Tyler Colvin must have done something seriously wrong to get the treatment he is getting.
  • One of those indellible memories is of stupid human tricks on the Letterman show, where a guy stopped a moving fan blade with his tongue. Safe in one direction, messy in the other.
  • LEE-he’s a cubs fan!
  • The lights were out on them before the game was even over.
  • This team has to get better in the field. That is a vital part of run prevention and winning baseball.
  • Bob Howry Alert: 1 IP and 0 Runs. Pardon me while I look out the window to see if I can spot any flying pigs.
  • Give Castro a break. This was his first “bad” offensive game. He has exceed expectations thus far (aside from all the errors) and plenty of other Cubs have left plenty of runners on base. It’s a team problem.
  • That ain’t the way to win a championship, boys.
  • a championship? I’m hoping for 3rd place right about now…
  • Anyone else think Manny is looking more and more like the creature from “Predator” and less like a baseball player?
  • I can’t decide whether Da Gorz did the Cubs a favor or a slight by turning in a rather rocky pitching performance last night.
  • He isn’t doing much good sitting on the bench taking up a roster spot right now.
  • I’d rather see [Tracy] at third base than Fontenot.
  • The Cubs should know by now that anything, any injury of any kind, should put Aramis on the DL.
  • Hoffpauir sucks. Check the stats.
  • Player development on top of Nady’s lack output makes that a no-brainer for me.
  • I think we see Cashner by the end of June at the latest….out of the pen.
  • Who else loves seeing ManRam strike out in the 9th?
  • Marmol made him look silly.
  • Sometimes I hit the button after the third game of the season…..don’t lie you’ve done it too!
  • The Cubs are so weak, they can’t even spell WAR.


  • How about a happy ending this time?

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