Hello, Cubs fans. What say we warm up for today’s (Thursday) afternoon contest against the Los Angeles Dodgers with the some riveting team news? Or, if you’re reading this after the game, how’d things work out for us? Did Manny go for 0 for 5 again? Hope so. Oh, wait – I just saw that he’s out of the lineup. So he almost certainly did go hitless again. Yes! Anyone else think Manny is looking more and more like the creature from “Predator” and less like a baseball player? But I digress…

Aramis got a cortisone shot in his pinky today. But should the Cubs go further than that? I keep thinking back to last season and Soriano’s lingering knee injury. The results weren’t pretty. Is the team going to let history repeat itself? Why not put Aramis on the 15-day DL, which could be backdated to his last in-game appearance (5/22 vs. Texas)? He could get some more rest, perhaps stop by the optometrist, do a rehab game or two. I know players hate to do this but we’re careening toward June and deuces are wild in Ramirez’s wOBA: .222 (173 PAs). That’s just staggeringly awful for one of the best third basemen in Cubs history. Make it so.

Tom Gorzelanny: Your future is uncertain. I can’t decide whether Da Gorz did the Cubs a favor or a slight by turning in a rather rocky pitching performance last night. (Although he still managed to strike out a batter per inning pitched.) Tom may have hurt his trade value a bit, but he may have made the almost inevitable move to send him to the pen a little easier. Gorz doesn’t want to go, but someone has to. Hey, whatcha gonna do?

OK, maybe I was wrong about Andrew Cashner. Rumors that Cash Money could be headed to the Cubs bullpen very soon are picking up steam. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the Cubs would take a guy who’s stretched out as a starter and put him in the pen when Jay Jackson has already been pulling relief duty in Iowa, but…I’m sure I guess they have their reasons. Personally, I’d keep Cashner on track as a starter for the time being and save his call up for the if/when circumstance of the team getting back in contention.

You know who’s already in the bullpen – and is filthy? Carlos Marmol, of course. Check out this Wall Street Journal (yep) article on how Marmol’s unbelievable whiff rate is putting him on a collision course with history.

The Toyota Sign is a go. Earlier this week, the City Council unanimously approved the sign – which I kind of wish they’d just put up so I could stop following this story. To get Alderman Tom Tunney’s begrudging support, the Ricketts agreed to not put up any more outfield signage for the next four years. Expect the Toyota logo to be up and glowing by the start of the Cubs-Sox series on June 11. (And don’t even get me started on the BP Crosstown Cup.)

The Cubs step aside for the Blackhawks…on the radio. In one of the cooler stories this week, the Cubs announced that they would cede radio airspace on WGN to the Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup playoffs. Well played, Tom Ricketts/Crane Kenney/whoever. The Cubs June 2nd and 4th games will be on WIND. And their June 9th game could be as well.


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