First Star – Sean Marshall (.305 WPA)
Second Star – Michael Young (.270 WPA)
Third Star – Carlos Marmol (.219 WPA)

It’s strange. Maybe I’m the only person feeling this way, but despite the fact that over the last week the Cubs have played better, I still feel rather lukewarm about our team. I want to believe that the wins this week against quality competition are signs of encouragement, but the fact remains that our two biggest bats are not hitting. Until they do, we have no chance.

Today’s Notes:

  • As the title of the posts implies, we dodged the bullet aimed squarely at our series win that Lou fired from his double barreled bullpen suckage gun. To bring in not only John Grabow, but also Bob Howry with a small lead late in the game is….well….inexcusable. I actually chuckled a little when Howry came in and wondered if the rest of the team curses a little under their breath when these guys come in. I know if I’d battled all day and we were winning, I’d be pissed to see Lou want to piss it away with two guys that don’t have any business being relievers on this team. Thankfully today Lou sobered up before the damage was fully done and brought in Sean Marshall to put the fire out and preserve the lead. Seymour commented “Maybe we should have them both split the first inning of games so they are not in the pen anymore… any takers?” Nope, what I want is their release. Grabow, unfortunately, is not going anywhere just yet. Howry is on a short leash considering he’s basically a trial. Today he failed the test.
  • Batman grabbed win # 6 today, which gives him…..wait for it…..the most wins on the team. Forgive me for asking and not curbing my excitement, but could he actually be, well, good this year? Could he have a career year in Chicago? He’s done nothing so far to show he can’t if you don’t factor in the past. If you only look at what we’ve seen so far, then you have to believe that maybe this good showing to start the season can be long term. It’s a legit possibility that he could be the better Carlos in the rotation this year. How crazy is that?
  • Good for Lou for getting Tyler Colvin a start today. Wait, what’s that? He didn’t start one game in the series that included a friggin DH? To quote Charlie Brown, “Good grief” Instead we get two catchers in the lineup.
  • Jeff Baker, please get off my baseball team. You’re not very good. Anyone want him?
  • Props to the Blackhawks for winning today and moving on to the Stanley Cup Finals. At least one team I enjoy watching can play for a championship this year.
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