First Star – Randy Wells (.307 WPA)
Second Star – Nelson Cruz (.196 WPA)
Third Star – Tyler Colvin (.169 WPA)

Guess who didn’t see the game yesterday? That’s right, this guy. Not sure if you know it or not, but very few of the people that contribute to this site actually live in Chicago. I live in North Carolina. Lizzie is Indiana. CubbieDude is in Wisconsin. Mark is in Tennessee. All that means for me is that there is some stupid rule called a blackout that essentially only allows me to see one game when games are on Fox on a Saturday, despite the fact that I’ve purchased the MLB Extra Innings package. That came into play yesterday as my television showed Mets / Yankees, Man vs. Wild, Office Space (great movie), Sex Decoy: Love Stings, and a rerun of the Lost pilot in prep for tomorrow’s series finale. That said, I chose to catch up on an episode of 24 with Mrs. VFTB. We’re a little behind and need to catch up. So, instead of giving you my thoughts on what I saw from the Cubs, I’m stuck looking at the box score with you and commenting on that. LAME!!!!

  • Tyler Colvin didn’t get the start again (imagine that), but did get a key pinch hit that led to a run in the 10th. It’s hard to not be pissed at Lou for the lack of playing time for Colvin, especially considering the last two games have utilized the DH. Instead, our extra bat tonight was Jeff ‘I barely hit my weight’ Baker.
  • What happened to Lou hitting Soriano 4th, considering his hot bat. He gave it one game and then moved him back to 6th, but he leaves Lee and Ramirez in there come hell or high amounts of suckage.
  • I really like Starlin Castro at the plate. He didn’t do a ton tonight, but he’s showed that he belongs. The interesting thing will be watching him make adjustments after pitchers make theirs.
  • Disappointed to see Theriot only see 11 pitches out of the leadoff spot in 5 plate appearances. Not what you want to see from that spot.
  • Ramirez was fitted for his golden sombrero and it fits beautifully.
  • Three cheers for Randy Wells for working into the 9th and sparing us another day from the wrath of Bob Howry’s arm.
  • Michael Young got me a hit. I think that puts me at 5 or 6 games in a row. Look out people, now that I’ve started playing this game, you’re all going down.

We have a shot at winning this series today with Batman on the mound looking to keep his record unblemished. Those Oxy pads have helps him dramatically this year against blemishes.

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