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May 23, 2010

Game 44 – Three Cheers for Randy Wells

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First Star – Randy Wells (.307 WPA)
Second Star – Nelson Cruz (.196 WPA)
Third Star – Tyler Colvin (.169 WPA)

Guess who didn’t see the game yesterday? That’s right, this guy. Not sure if you know it or not, but very few of the people that contribute to this site actually live in Chicago. I live in North Carolina. Lizzie is Indiana. CubbieDude is in Wisconsin. Mark is in Tennessee. All that means for me is that there is some stupid rule called a blackout that essentially only allows me to see one game when games are on Fox on a Saturday, despite the fact that I’ve purchased the MLB Extra Innings package. That came into play yesterday as my television showed Mets / Yankees, Man vs. Wild, Office Space (great movie), Sex Decoy: Love Stings, and a rerun of the Lost pilot in prep for tomorrow’s series finale. That said, I chose to catch up on an episode of 24 with Mrs. VFTB. We’re a little behind and need to catch up. So, instead of giving you my thoughts on what I saw from the Cubs, I’m stuck looking at the box score with you and commenting on that. LAME!!!!

  • Tyler Colvin didn’t get the start again (imagine that), but did get a key pinch hit that led to a run in the 10th. It’s hard to not be pissed at Lou for the lack of playing time for Colvin, especially considering the last two games have utilized the DH. Instead, our extra bat tonight was Jeff ‘I barely hit my weight’ Baker.
  • What happened to Lou hitting Soriano 4th, considering his hot bat. He gave it one game and then moved him back to 6th, but he leaves Lee and Ramirez in there come hell or high amounts of suckage.
  • I really like Starlin Castro at the plate. He didn’t do a ton tonight, but he’s showed that he belongs. The interesting thing will be watching him make adjustments after pitchers make theirs.
  • Disappointed to see Theriot only see 11 pitches out of the leadoff spot in 5 plate appearances. Not what you want to see from that spot.
  • Ramirez was fitted for his golden sombrero and it fits beautifully.
  • Three cheers for Randy Wells for working into the 9th and sparing us another day from the wrath of Bob Howry’s arm.
  • Michael Young got me a hit. I think that puts me at 5 or 6 games in a row. Look out people, now that I’ve started playing this game, you’re all going down.

We have a shot at winning this series today with Batman on the mound looking to keep his record unblemished. Those Oxy pads have helps him dramatically this year against blemishes.

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Joe Aiello is the founder of View From the Bleachers and one of the lead writers. Growing up in Chicago, he fondly remembers attending games in the bleachers before that was the popular thing to do. Currently Joe resides in North Carolina with his wife and three kids and helps people protect their assets as an independent insurance agent. Connect with Joe via Twitter / Facebook / E-mail

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    I watched part of the game on FOX, they were like Ramirez is dead last in the majors in OBP

  • Arthur Carter

    Hey check out the mlb at bat on the iphone. I have not missed a game that I have attempted to watch yet. Its about time to tweak that lineup I thinking castro, fukodome, soriano, byrd, soto, lee, theriot, and fontenot. I know i left ramirez but maybe he needs to take a couple days off to clear his mind and get that bat right. Loyalty can only take you so far, ask my wife.

  • Doug Bagley

    boy it was nice to win a game that we so far have typically lost…nice outing from wells and let’s give credit to Lou who clearly pushed the right buttons yesterday…seems like a lot of people are ready to run him out of town (and these are the same people who won’t give him credit for good decisions)

  • Big Bob

    A sigh of relief not having to use Howry, and of Carlos Marmol getting away with walking the first hitter he faced again in the 10th. Lucky Cubs had a 2-run lead…Next, right now the Cubs are counting on their young players, Wells, Casro, Colvin, etc., to give them victories…Give me a break Lou; Ramirez 0 – 5 with 4 K’s. My gosh, he’s an automatic out. Lee isn’t much better going 0 – 5 with 1K. Things are pretty bad when they walk Castro to get to Lee…I have a great idea regarding Ramirez; actually two ideas. The first is please sit him for Sunday’s game and put in Carlos Zambrano as the DH…Am I kidding? Maybe, but Big “Z” can’t do any worse than 0 – 5 and 4 K’s…My next idea (and I’m serious) is have Ramirez volunteer, maybe with arm tweisting, to go to AAA Iowa and work on his hitting. This guy is a disaster and soon all of his confidence will be gone, and soon the Cubs season will be gone as well. When will Lou and Hendry say “enough is enough.”

  • Doug S.

    0-5 for Aramis, right?
    Odds are he’ll start my new BTS one of these weeks.

    Side note. In BC (where I live) we get the Seattle Fox station, can also get a Fox station in the east time zone, but both had Mets/Yanks, no Cubbies except on MLB TV

  • Rich Beckman

    “I really like Starlin Castro at the plate. He didn’t do a ton tonight, but he’s showed that he belongs.”

    He hit a home run! I guess that’s not a “ton”, but jeepers!, what does the guy have to do?!

    As to Castro and adjustments, I have the impression that a lot of his hits have come off of good pitches as opposed to mistake pitches. I think pitchers are going to have a tough time finding an adjustment.

    “Look out people, now that I’ve started playing this game, you’re all going down.”

    That’s alright. Getting cocky is the sure prologue to a miss.


  • Rick Beato

    One event commented most strongly on how the Rangers (starting with their advance scouts) currently view the Cubs: Starlin Castro, age 20, was intentionally walked to load the bases for Derrek Lee. Lee did as the Rangers hoped, hit a possible DP grounder, but when Castro hustled and helped break up the DP a run scored.
    Castro looks like the real thing so far.

  • Rick Beato

    Small note: Colvin had entered the game on defense to replace Xavier Nady, so his hit was not a pinch hit. Fukie & Font were pinch hitting.

  • Doc Raker

    On the Cubs web site they are asking for All Star votes for Cub players. Everyone should vote for Dlee and Aram since they are the Cubs big bats in the middle of the line up. Sabermath says at the end of the year they will be fine, the Cubs standings won’t be fine but Dlee and Aram bank accounts will be, but I digress. Anyways, just vote for them now since we all need to understand they will both reach their statistical norms by seasons end*.

    *Sabermath for Dummies, Chapter 4, page 4-6. How players always end a season with their statistical norms because they are robots and never should be moved in the line up.

  • CubbieDude

    Starlin Castro hit a home run in the 3rd, and drew an intentional walk in the tenth. Let me repeat that: they walked Starlin Castro to get to DPLee (who grounded into a fielder’s choice, which, if not for the 3rd baseman’s inaccurate throw and Starlin’s expert slide, might well have been an inning ending double play).

    Can anyone justify for me the “defensive indifference” of the Cubs in the bottom of the 10th? Let a guy move into scoring position (who promptly scored). They work so hard to achieve insurance runs, just to give ’em back. Makes no sense.

    By the way,does the designated hitter have to be “designated” to hit for the pitcher? I’m thinking you let the pitcher hit for himself, and DH for DLee (whose defense remains 1st class), or DH for Ramirez (if you want his defense at third base).

  • Ankit

    I know I’ve been hating on Ramirez, but seriously, Aramis as DH? He’s hitting around .160! My mother could fill out a better lineup card….

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    CubbieDude – Sorry only the pitcher can have a designated replacement. It would be a nice concept to use the designated hitter for any position though

  • CubbieDude

    TP2 – Thanks for the heads up. It was just a thought.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    I never knew it was only the pitcher either until you brought it up. I like that idea being able to designate one replacement hitter. Since there are 9 guys who play the field, 8 guys who bat AND play the field, and one guy who bats and doesn’t play the field

  • MGAD

    Am I the only one wondering why Lou just pulled Silva who is still throwing a good game with only 81 pitches in the book…….and then put in Grabow? As I am typing this, Hamilton rips a line drive single to CF……WTF? I am starting to think that it must not be that hard to manage a big league team… Howry is up in the bullpen….we’ll see if we can hold this lead…..I hope my gut feeling is wrong!

  • Matt Mitchener

    4 strikeouts jeeze Aramis! This dry spell has lasted to long keep him dead at the bottom of the lineup or use his injury to let him get some work at the minor league level. Soriano’s my new mr clutch.

  • Seymour Butts

    I was sure we were in for a loss when Howry came in in the 7th, But happily I was wrong and that inning ended not only with the Cubs in the lead, but with no chance of seeing Howry or Grabow any further.
    Maybe we should have them both split the first inning of games so they are not in the pen anymore… any takers?

  • Mastrick

    Lou Piniella = Dusty Piniella. He’ll continue to play the veteran players (regardless of how poor they produce) and bat them third, fourth and fifth and there’s not a blessed thing we can do. Lou has lost his edge, the sooner he’s gone the better. We need new blood at the managerial level – someone who will reward the players that hit with playing time and a better spot in the batting order. Piniella must go, at this stage of his career he is a poor manager.

  • Doug Bagley

    3 season’s above .500 and back to back division championships and some of you want to run lou out of town and its not even the end of may…how ridiculous…your expectations wouldn’t be so high if LOU didn’t raise them… try to support your team that has won 6 of 8 instead of dogging them…the most popular player is always the back up quarterback(or in our case the back up 3rd baseman haha)

  • Doc Raker

    I don’t want Lou fired, I just want him to change the gd line up.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    I wish Ricketts would step in and demand changes

  • MJ

    Amen Doug. Stupidity run amok. As per usual.

    And a typical saber dig by Doc. Snore.

  • Michael Altman

    I was at the game Saturday. I got to see our 3-5 hitters combine to go 0-13. It wasnt unexpected, but still a fantastic game. The wind was blowing in from CF at 25mph, and yet there were still several homeruns. Castro hit his second, and from my seat it looked like the RF had snagged it at the top of the wall. It must have cleared by inches. Had fun, nice ballpark!

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