I was going to throw out a discussion topic for the evening but I’ve been enjoying the conversation on Joe’s Friday Discussion about our fearless leader Lou. Chime in on that one if you get a chance. Or on the Bob Howry signing, another seemingly odd Cubs decision (many of late!) Meanwhile, here’s the weekly recap of things that made me laugh, or nod my head in agreement, or both!


  • but I am pretty sure the catcher had the ball before Ramirez even rounded third.
  • Some can of whoop ass. Looks like the Cubs can’t find the opener.
  • “oh yeah, I have to fix this don’t I….” welcome to the bigs Mr. Ricketts!
  • I’ll take the win, even though this game was really just the Pirates out-sucking us.
  • Moving Lee and Aram down in the order seems like such an obviously necessary move, it’s mind-boggling that a professional baseball manager is so reluctant to make it.
  • I try to be an optimist, but after 73 years on this earth, I have seen too many bad Cub teams not to recognize another bad team
  • We have to get younger, more athletic, more defense oriented and CHEAPER.
  • So Cubs trainer Mark O’Neal put you back in the starting rotation?
  • And I know the Cubs had/have bullpen problems, but run production is still the greater issue.
  • It only takes a 3 game winning streak to get the Kool-aid a-pourin.
  • How low does their confidence have to go before they suck up their pride and work with Rudy?
  • That is a pretty lousy list of hitter prospects right now.
  • the Florida Marlins have as many championships as they have fans some nights.
  • Big Z to play the Sims on Monday.
  • when your veteran leaders are John Grabow and Bob Howry…I’m really not sure how effective that leadership is.
  • Who’s next? LaTroy Hawkins??
  • Cat burns itself on a hot stove, it tends to stay away from hot stoves in the future.
  • Is this team stuck on stupid?
  • This team battles to fill the glass half full, but in the end it is the half empty bullpen that kills.
  • I have a hard time imagining the difference between Lou’s managerial style and what it might look like if a manager were throwing games.
  • When it comes to Grabow, I’m a totally empty glass. Not even a drop.
  • The bullpen health report gives me hope today: Grabow’s pitched the last 2 days, meaning he probably won’t pitch today! YAY!
  • Quotation marks around the word “pitched”.
  • I guess for Lou it’s much easier to just let the hitters flail away and take the blame as opposed to being a proactive manager and getting the tying run in.
  • We have too many starting pitchers…perhaps we should bring Dusty back.
  • In other AL news, Kevin Gregg in mid season form as he walks in 2 runs, then gives up the winning run in the bottom of the 9th as Mariners steal one from Jays
  • Quick – maybe we can trade for him.
  • Bob Howry returns, giving the Cubs a deadly 1-2 punch from the left and right side of the mound.
  • Grabowry. Stress the ‘ow’ as in ‘ouch.’


  • Doesn’t matter how much is in it; this glass sucks.

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