Well, I was a little worried about today’s game. The Cubs seemed to gain some momentum lately, but here comes Tom “No Run Support” Gorzelanny with his undeserved 0-3 record. No matter how well he pitched, he couldn’t buy a win because, well, the Cubs couldn’t buy a run.

Not so today! The Cubbies gave him 10, which is more than in his four previous starts combined. The Cubs defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 10-5 for the series win and a nice three-game winning streak as they brought their overall record back to .500 at 13-13. Great way to go into tomorrow’s off-day.

Win Probability

First Star: Alfonso Soriano (.159 WPA)
Second Star
: Tom Gorzelanny (.119 WPA)
Third Star
: Chad Tracy (.091 WPA)

Random thoughts from the game

  • Theriot got a leadoff hit. I always like recapping a game with a leadoff hit. Makes me feel good about the game to come. In fact the Cubs got the leadoff hitter on base in all of the first five innings. Good things happened.
  • After a recent game during which Fukudome’s baserunning was called into question here and elsewhere, he was notably more aggressive today. It paid off the first time, didn’t pay off the second time. But he wasn’t standing around waiting, that’s for sure.
  • Another really great day for Alfonso Soriano. He’s my least favorite Cub, but I will absolutely give credit where credit is due. As has been pointed out by others, he not only looks good when he’s doing good things (like hitting two home runs today!) but he also looks better when he’s making an out as well. That bodes well for our chances as we move into May.
  • Props to Chad Tracy. For someone getting very few at bats and certainly nothing consistent, he had a great game today. Three hits in four at bats (+ a walk), three runs scored, one RBI. Not too shabby. He’s also been making some nice plays at third too. I like him.
  • Gorzelanny struck out 10 today in his 7 innings pitched. This is a career high for him. Way to go Tom!
  • I swear I heard Len Kasper say (when talking about the Pittsburgh trade that brought Gorzelanny to the Cubs last year) that Kevin Hart has a torn labia. I better research that a little bit more before I report it for fact.
  • I’d bet real money some of you were sweating in the 9th when whatever Grabow threw seemed to scream “HIT ME” (and they did), but he managed to keep it together.

Beat the Streak (after today’s game):

5 – Chaise Kahlenbeck
5 – Rich Beckman
4 – Brad Brewer
4 – Nick Francone
3 – Doug Bagley
3 – Tommy
2 – Chris Hayden
2 – GV Hub
2 – Lizzie
2 – Terrelle Pryor 2
1 – BamaCubbie
1 – Doug
1 – jswanson
1 – sam g
1 – youngkaren
Everyone else = 0

Beat the Streak April Averages

Terrelle asked awhile back if we kept track of the Beat the Streak picks throughout the season because he was interested in seeing the averages. I don’t have the entire season, but I have from April 16 so I calculated the players’ April averages for April 16-30. If I remain ambitious I’ll do it again at the end of every month. This differs from the actual streak in that this shows how you’ve done over the course of time in all games you played, regardless of whether your “hits” came bunched together (good for the streak) or spread apart (not good for the streak but could be really good for average!)

1.000 – Doug Bagley
1.000 – Nick Francone
.857 – GV Hub
.800 – bawhite2
.800 – y2kansas
.800 – Chaise Kahlenbeck
.750 – dat_cubfan_daver
.733 – Rich Beckman (shout out for participating in all games tracked!!!)
.714 – Lizzie
.667 – Jesse
.600 – jswanson
.545 – Brad Brewer
.500 – Terrelle Pryor 2
.500 – MrBaseball2USA
.500 – Victor Y.
.417 – Joe Aiello
.417 – youngkaren
.333 – Zach
.250 – Seymour Butts

Enjoy your Monday and lets hope the Cubs pick up where they left off on Tuesday night in Pittsburgh!

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