First Star: Adam LaRoche (.273 WPA)
Second Star: Ian Kennedy (.127 WPA)
Third Star: Chris Snyder (.097 WPA)

You want me to tell you the truth? You can’t handle the truth. TP2 said the truth perfectly today in the comment section.

“We suck. The end.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Right now this team sucks. We want to believe. We hang onto the hope that each win is the start of something beautiful and it’s still only April. I’m just as frustrated as you are. Instead of wallowing in our own filth (Seymour, you feel free to continue), let’s turn our attention to three things that are going well for this team.

  • The Starting Rotation – Even with Zambrano’s issues and demotion to the bullpen, and Lilly’s injury, the Cubs still rank 2nd in baseball in quality starts. You can do with that what you want. There are those that don’t put a lot of stock in the fact that all it takes is 6 innings of 3 earned runs or less from your starter. I say BS. If you’re consistently getting starts like that from your rotation, you’re going to win games. I believe in this rotation. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what we’ve gotten out of Tom Gorzelanny and especially what we’ve seen from Batman. This rotation is going to be the anchor of this team. When the bullpen figures out how to work the last three innings, things can change in a hurry.
  • Comeback Hitting Seasons – We’ve seen some early dividends of the Rudy Jaramillo hitting school with the return of several guys that slumped through the season last year. Kosuke Fukudome, who hit his first ML grand slam today, has had his usual hot April. Mike Fontenot has returned to 2008 form and has clearly taken the job from Jeff Baker. Geovany Soto has a freakin .500 on base %. Think about that for a second. He gets on base half the time he comes to the plate. Tyler Colvin is making the most of his opportunities to play, though few and far between. There are guys in the lineup that are showing the potential we thought was there. Now it’s time for the guys we know will hit to start doing so.
  • We’ve actually got a closer – Remember all the Kevin Gregg mess from last year? It was Gregging annoying. Carlos Marmol has taken his role and run with it with the exception being the one hiccup about a week or so ago. I believe he can be one of the better closers in the game right now if we can start giving him more opportunities. Remember 2007 when he actually received an MVP vote for the NL? Yeah, I said MVP. I think he can be that kind of pitcher in this role and that just leaves two innings to fix. That’s doable. Very doable.

Yeah it sucks that we lost today. The thing to remember is that as bad as we got beat, we still get to go out and play again tomorrow. Keep your head up and let’s get a win behind Randy Wells tomorrow.

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