First Star: Carlos Zambrano (.251 WPA)
Second Star: Aramis Ramirez (.183 WPA)
Third Star: Marlon Byrd (.158 WPA)

Guess how much of the game I was able to see? About three batters. I settled in to watch the game, had my pencil and scorecard ready and recorded the first out. At that point the video feed went out on MASN (Mid-Atlantic Sports Network) and all I had was audio feed. The broadcasters mentioned that they were working on it and would have it fixed shortly. I paused the game, went in the other room to watch TV with Mrs. VFTB and promptly returned about 45 minutes later. Still no picture at that point. Normally I would switch to a different feed on my Extra Innings package, but because the Nats and Orioles are my “hometown teams”, the Cubs feed was not available in my area.

My question for MLB is this. If I pay for my package and I decide I want to watch the Cubs feed, does you blacking that out make me suddenly want to go to the game? It’s garbage. If your reasoning is that it pushes me toward the Nats broadcast and their commercial ads, that’s fine, but why not let competition rule. We live in a world that is embracing the concept that everything has to be fair and equal for everyone. No competition allowed because we may hurt people’s feelings. It’s scary how quickly we’re moving toward a socialistic society. Anyway, on to notes from the box score.

  • Carlos Zambrano was extremely fired up when he made his exit from the mound after getting the job done. I like seeing the fire from him in the new role.
  • I’m beginning to think Carlos Silva really is Batman.
  • Don’t look now but our 4 game win streak has us being the hottest team in baseball.

That’s all I’ve got. Instead I’ll take this chance to remind you to vote in the roster approval rating survey each week. You can find it in the right sidebar. Take the 60 seconds to cast your vote of approval or disapproval toward our roster.

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