Cubs sweep!! They did many things right in this series and when things begin to go your way, everything seems to go your way. Such was today’s game! What is the opposite of “When it rains, it pours”? You would think I would know this, as someone who subscribes to a glass-half-full notion of life. But I don’t know, and neither does Google. No matter, the Cubs know the feeling!

Theriot led off with the first of his five hits (anyone think he’s not looking over his shoulder at Starlin Castro?) and by the end of the first we were already ahead 3-0 courtesy of a two run double by Tyler Colvin. Speaking of Colvin, how do you like to pronounce his last name? Everyone I’ve heard say it, says a long O like coal except for Bob Brenly who says it like call. So, is it Coal-vin or Call-vin? Either way he had a fabulous game at the plate, a triple short of the cycle and three RBIs. Kosuke also needed a triple to complete his cycle. That’s good hitting, when you’ve got two guys close to the cycle in a single game! Randy Wells pitched another beauty, lasting 7 innings and giving up 7 hits. If the starting pitching stays as wonderful as it has been, and the bats stay even half as lively as they were today, it won’t matter who’s in the bullpen because this team will be fine. Fingers crossed that this was the start of a more consistent offense.

Win Probability

First Star: Tyler Colvin (.191)
Second Star: Kosuke Fukudome (.167)
Third Star: Randy Wells (.105)

Here are some other random thoughts from throughout the game:

  • I don’t like to see anyone get hit by a pitch but if someone has to I suppose Ryan Braun is my favorite choice. Guess how many RBIs Braun had in this series? ZERO. Guess how many Prince Fielder had in this series? ZERO.
  • Home runs today for Fukudome, Colvin, Soto, DLee. Even Aramis got a base hit today, and also two sharply hit line drives that were caught. He looked better all around. Like I said (or tried to): “Opposite of when it rains it pours.”
  • One small Colvin criticism, I watched him catch a full FOUR fly balls in center field with one hand. That scares me a little bit. But at least he doesn’t hop.
  • I’ve decided I would like Bob Brenly to take Lou Pinella’s place as the Cubs coach next year, and then I can take Bob’s place as the color man.
  • Even Randy Wells got in on the fun, with a double in the top of the 7th! At that point Soriano was the last Cub needing a hit (even though Brenly claimed he already had one. That’s why I should be the color man.) Soriano did get a hit in the 8th, completing another full lineup of hits. They did this on Friday too (sans Dempster).
  • Ryan Theriot’s foul ball “hit” in the top of the seventh again proves that when things are going your way, everything does.

Beat the Streak

As promised, we’ll recap the Beat the Streak standings in each Sunday game’s recap. Here’s where you stand! If you’re not on the list, your streak = 0.

5 – Rich Beckman
5 – y2kansas
4 – bawhite2
4 – Doug Bagley
4 – GV Hub
4 – Lizzie
1 – Chaise Kahlenbeck
1 – Ginger Russ
1 – Joe Aiello
1 – Lord Alastair Dimwitty III
1 – Nick Francone
1 – Terrelle Pryor 2

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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