The title is “The Blind Side – Evolution of a Game”. It was published in 2006. The author is Michael Lewis.

It was the author’s name “Michael Lewis”, which drew me to this book. I recognized him as the author of “Moneyball”, which was about the application of sophisticated statistical analysis to the game of baseball, as opposed to “gut feelings” &/or anecdotal “evidence”. I enjoyed reading “Moneyball” very much.

I was blissfully unaware of “The Blind Side”, despite the fact that it has been made into a major motion picture, and despite the fact that Sandra Bullock recently won the “Best Actress” Oscar for her role in that movie.

This book is about football in general, and about the importance which the offensive tackle position has taken on in protecting the quarterback in professional football.

it is also about one specific person, Michael Oher, who wanted to become a professional athlete, and the route he took, through his freshman year in college, to realize that dream. Mr. Oher is currently a starting offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.

In the early chapters the author describes Lawrence Taylor’s defensive work, and how that type of linebacking increased the value of the Left Offensive Tackle position.

The author quotes his friend, Sean Tuohy, who is featured prominently in the book: “What I learned playing basketball at Ole Miss,” he said, “was what not to do: beat up a kid. It’s easy to beat up a kid. The hard thing is to build him up.”

It is also in chapter three that the author describes what a quarterback’s ”blind side” is, and why it’s important to protect it.

The author describes the process whereby high school All-American athletes are wooed by college athletic departments, a fairly vulgar process in my humble opinion.

The author also includes a black view of white people which is very accurate.

This book is all about the Southern United States. The SEC. Memphis, Tennessee. Oxford, Mississippi. It’s a foreign world to me, but I enjoyed reading about it.

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