First things first, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents, 44 years today and still going strong! xxoo

Other than that, I really don’t have anything titillating to talk about this week … things are kind of glum. Even the Lizzies are notably depressed, not in quantity but in tone, probably due to the fact that even I’m finding it difficult to maintain optimism. Our Cubbies are 6-10, have won only one series out of five, and are in their “easy month.” There’s no way to talk that around to being the start any of us wanted to see. So, let’s pull up our panties and move on, today is a new day and maybe the Brewers are tired after their explosive game last night. Fingers crossed! Enjoy the week in review. I’ll be back later with the game recap.


  • For the second straight start, Carlos Silva showed us who’s the better fat Carlos on this staff.
  • Hasbro for Silva is looking good early on.
  • I bet this series sets the record for most fat guys named Carlos with 3.
  • Considering the size of Lou’s gut, his instincts have to be good.
  • How can Soriano look at himself in the mirror?
  • if Soriano produced like Adam Dunn year in and year out, I could live with his horrendous defense… the only problem is he doesn’t.
  • I enjoyed reading Sixty Feet, Six Inches, despite the fact that Reggie Jackson is annoyingly full of himself.
  • Quit whining and start winning.
  • N=258 is impressive!! I may have to clean up my language a little bit.
  • interesting barometer of fan disgust
  • at 13 games in, it’s already feelin’ like a Next Year
  • Such is the life of a Chicago sports fan.
  • glad I missed this one.
  • When Samardzjia came into the game, I knew I could leave for the gym and not miss anything good.
  • We need some fire.
  • in a 100%-anti-Milton move, [Byrd] wearing a pitch on the head and running to first…I’m impressed.
  • That’s what she said.
  • Never caught, always the miscreant.
  • That was the end of my criminal career and the clean underwear I had on that day.
  • rehabbing from an alleged and awfully convenient right forearm strain.
  • Warn your neighbors: Ted’s back.
  • Rothschild is niether witch nor scientist.
  • What will it be like when they start facing stiff competition?
  • I missed the first two innings of the game and rather wished that I’d missed the last seven.
  • I actually thought we were going to do well against the Mets because… well, because they are the Mets.
  • maybe leave the office door ajar while loudly asking how Vitters is hitting in the minors
  • The real paradox is how offensive is the Cubs offense?
  • If I predict the Cubs will go hitless and they do, does that count towards the streak?
  • If Zambrano flourishes in the pen though, Hendry and Lou will be called prophets!
  • If [he] doesn’t, we’ll be reading about ”Carlos Zambrano, set-up guy” along with the P.K. Wrigley’s sports psychologist and Crane Kenney’s sprinkle-happy postseason priest in forthcoming historical volumes on our beloved Chicago Cubs.
  • Silva has a better shot at winning 10 than the other Carlos at this point.
  • I called for a change and apparently Lou listened.
  • As long as no one fills him in on the fact that his name is Silva, maybe we’ll see this kind of pitching all year long.
  • I’m not watching to see what they look like.
  • What the hell, I’ll drink the Kool-aid.
  • is it bad that i want to get swept so this team could be totally dismantled?
  • I find it hard to say Lou has no cojones, he just put Z in the bullpen


  • Same stuff, different day.

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