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April 23, 2010

Game 17: Well That Was Fun!

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Nothing better than watching a solid Cubs win where things seemed to go their way from batter one. I could be wrong because I’m not famous for my stat tracking, but I think Theriot’s leadoff double was the first time this year the Cubs’ leadoff batter got a hit.

As I said, things seemed to go their way from the outset. Back to back doubles to start things off, then later in the same inning a running gaffe by Lee ended up giving us a run. Things like that don’t usually happen to the Cubs. Mistakes are usually tragic and seem to multiply exponentially. Not so tonight, though there were indeed mistakes made. But nothing changed the momentum of the game and the Cubs really needed this.

First Star: Kosuke Fukudome (.256 WPA)
Second Star: Ryan Dempster (.236)
Third Star: Ryan Theriot (.099)

Here are a few tidbits:

  • Ramirez had the night off. Per Carrie Muskat he is working with Jaramillo on his timing.
  • Nothing made me happier than Ryan Braun costing himself a run when he trotted around second admiring what looked like a Prince Fielder home run which ended up (with replay confirmation) being in play. Braun could have easily scored. Which would have been doubly annoying since he was on base in the first place due to Fontenot botching a simple double play. Too much admiration, not enough action there Ryan. (Disclaimer: Ryan Braun is my least favorite MLB player by a mile.)
  • Fundamental mistakes, mental or physical, annoy me. Listen up Theriot and Fontenot. Even Bob Brenly commented on your “sloppy middle infield play during this road trip.” Note to Mr. Brenly: You’re being kind. It’s not just been this road trip.
  • Speaking of Fontenot: Honey, if your mates are telling you that squared-off cheek hair looks hot, they’re yanking you. None of your friends are sporting that look and if they are you need to find some new friends. Thank me later.
  • Happy Birthday Carlos Silva!
  • Ryan Dempster is this season’s best bunter.
  • Chad Tracy held his own tonight after one rough play to start the game. (And he also looks a lot like Ryan Dempster.) I’m very happy with him as a backup for our rough-starting Rami.
  • Marlon Byrd is the man!!!!!!!
  • Nifty play by Byrd flipping to Colvin to throw back a base hit by Gregg Zaun, since Byrd’s momentum was carrying him in the wrong direction. Might be able to see it somewhere again if you missed it the first time around.
  • Tyler Colvin hit one a country mile in the top of the ninth for two insurance runs. I heart Tyler.

From the Daytona Cubs Media Department:

Cubs Announce 4th Annual Beer Fest
Sample from Over 100 Different Types of Beer

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – The Daytona Cubs Beer Fest will take place on May 1st from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event will take place on the Riverwalk at Jackie Robinson Ballpark featuring over 100 different types of beer to sample from and live music from the Jimmy Buffett cover band, Captain Josh.

The 4th Annual Daytona Cubs Beer Fest is presented by Hooters. The lovely ladies from Hooters will be walking throughout the festival passing out goodies and prizes.

Tickets for the event are $20. That includes your price of admission, over 50 beer samples and bottled water. The Cubs will also offer free bottled water.

To purchase tickets or for more information please contact the Cubs at 386-257-3172 or go online to

Enjoy your weekend and the remainder of the series! Sure did get off to a good start!

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  • Victor Y.

    True, they’re (Theriot and Fontenot) not the sharpest duo up the middle, but you have to give them credit for that last “almost” double-play! It at least looked good until and was probably a few inches from being amazing (twss). (i.e., D. Lee might have been able to scoop the ball at first).

  • Victor Y.

    Oops. Minus “until.”

  • Jake

    What in the world is that chart showing?

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Lizzie – Why don’t you like Braun? Good to see I’m not the only one who thinks Tracy looks like Dempster. So we have a Jason Marquis look-alike in Xavier Nady, and now we have a Ryan Dempster look alike in Chad Tracy. What’s next? Someone who looks like Hasbro?

  • lizzie

    @Victor you’re right, Fontenot made a great play on that one back up the middle. I even had in my game notes how he redeemed himself but it got lost in the shuffle the minute Theriot threw about eight feet over DLee’s head shortly thereafter! I guess I sometimes see them as one unit rather than two separate players. Either way they’re just not all that good.

  • lizzie

    Oops, wasn’t quite ready to submit that.
    @Jake, it shows the win probability. If you look on the right hand side you’ll see Brewers and Cubs. The graphed line shows, as innings pass along the bottom, which team has the higher probability of winning at any given point in the game (some of which are highlighted with the red dots in the body of the graph). It always starts smack dab in the middle, each team having equal chance of winning. In a closer game, the graphed line would stay more toward the middle. If the game went back and forth wildly, the graph would go up and down more. This game was all Cubs. Hope that helps!
    @TP2, I don’t care for his ego … he’s full of himself. Spends an inordinate amount of time admiring his own plays on the replay screen … just not my kinda guy!

  • Brad Brewer

    Great game! I was only able to catch the last 5 innings, but the rest I kept up with through ESPN text updates. All I can say is, despite the loss in the finale with the Mets, the Cubs have 37 hits in three games…which is REALLY encouraging! The cubs were struggling to get a handful of hits but the last three games they are averaging 12.33 a game, which I could definitely live with! :)

    Let’s get game two tonight!


  • Tommy

    Always look forward to your recaps, Lizzie. for many reasons.

  • Mr. David M. Beyer

    I got to hear Ron poop his pants with joy when Colvin homered. In a season of forgettable games, that was a memorable moment.

  • lizzie

    Thanks Tommy. :-)

  • Jake

    @Lizzie – Thanks! It would help a lot to put “Win Probability” above it in the future.

  • lizzie

    Jake, it sure would help, I will do that. Thanks for the feedback!

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