Thought it might be prudent to review the specifications of our Beat the Streak game, for our newer readers and for our regulars too.

For each Cubs game, pick a player you think will get a hit. It doesn’t have to be a Cub, you can pick from the team they’re playing against if you’d like (sacrilegious, but we won’t call you out!).

Make your pick in the box to the right, which appears on every VFTB page. Use a consistent email address if you want me to apply your pick correctly. We’ve got a handful of Marks and a couple of Brians and even another Liz so we really pay more attention to the email than to the name.

Your pick must be placed before game time each day. If you make a pick while the game is in progress it will be discarded. If you make a pick after the game, it will be counted toward the next game.

If you make two picks, only your most recent pick will be counted. (This gives you the opportunity to change your mind.)

If your chosen player gets a hit, you get a point.

If your chosen player does not get a hit, you return to zero and start over.

If your chosen player does not play at all in the game, your point total stays unchanged.

If you do not make a pick for a game, your point total stays unchanged.

RULE CHANGE: If you don’t make a pick for three consecutive games, your return to zero and start over. Three strikes and you’re out. This is a new rule, and will go into effect tomorrow. So, if you have points today, and you don’t pick tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday you’ll be back at zero on Monday. (Doesn’t matter if you’ve missed some games recently, the count of three will start with tomorrow’s game since we’re just introducing the rule today.) Allowing unlimited skipping was acting as a disincentive, and we want you to play!

Standings will be posted once per week, in the Sunday game recap. This is also a change.

If you have any questions please post them below. Betcha didn’t think it was possible to write so much about a simple fun game did you? :-)

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