I called for a change and apparently Lou listened. Not only did the offense come out hitting and hitting well, but Lou came out today and announced that Carlos Zambrano is the ace no more. His butt has been relegated to bullpen duty. We’re told it’s to help a struggling pen, but I have to believe it’s because of Z’s struggles more than anything. I can’t wrap my arms around how I feel about the move, but Lou’s in charge.

Vintage Soriano – I look at the roster approval ratings and I look at the numbers and they don’t add up. Explain to me how Soriano has a lower approval rating than someone like Ramirez. Look at their offensive output so far that year and you can’t make that case. Sori, with his big night at the plate has his average up to .327 and narrowly missed hitting for the cycle. I’m sorry, but I don’t get the voters. There were a few nice notes I wrote down on Soriano’s game tonight.

  • In the 2nd inning, Sori went 1st to 3rd on a sharply hit single to LF by Soto. It was a play that normally we’d see him simply pull up at 2nd and be content with station to station baseball. Tonight we saw a little aggressiveness early on that play. While it didn’t make a difference in that inning, it was good to see him come out with effort.
  • A lumbering triple in the 4th was good to see, but he definitely doesn’t run the way he used to. Even the Met’s announcers, who were terrible to listen to all night, noticed and commented on the fact that his run around the bases looked sluggish and cumbersome.
  • In the 5th, Soriano’s RBI single was beautiful. He stayed back on the pitch and went the other way for a nice single just over the head of L. Castillo. I’m used to seeing him swinging at terrible pitches and looking bad doing it. Tonight we saw him hit good pitches and even draw a walk.

I don’t know what it all means. Perhaps we’re on the cusp of seeing one of those hot hitting Sori streaks, something this offense is calling out for. One thing is for sure. He’s still capable of being an offensive threat. He may not be a threat like he once was, but it’s still in there for him to use.

Shhh, don’t tell him he’s not Batman – One of my favorite lines in the original Batman movie was when the criminal asked Batman who he was. Drawing him close, he spoke gently and proclaimed that he was Batman. Every time I watch Carlos Silva pitch, I picture him pulling us all close as we stare in amazement at this player who in know way resembles the Carlos Silva we expected and answering our question of who are you by telling us he’s really a fat Batman. As long as know one fills him in on the fact that his name is Silva, maybe we’ll see this kind of pitching all year long. Another nice outing tonight by Silva. I was a little surprised to see Lou not let him pitch into the 7th inning. This is the second time he’s pulled Silva too early. It’s as if he doesn’t quite trust him yet and doesn’t want to press his luck and land on a whammy. When a guy’s hot and the pen is not. Stick with him, Lou. Silva should have gone into the 7th.

Mr. Perfect – Don’t look now, but Lou’s getting real good production out of Geo lately. In five trips to the plate tonight, Geo had a pair of singles (one could have been a double if he didn’t slide like a little leaguer) and drew three walks. A perfect five of five in the on base category for Geo. Maybe it’s that styling new haircut he brought with him this off-season. We’ve still not seen the run production we did in the rookie year, but if he keeps hitting with the approach he’s taken this year so far that production will come and we’ll start to see him hitting higher than seven in the lineup.

Quick Hits

  • The Mets booth is terrible. I was quite frustrated that I was only given one choice for TV feed tonight and it was the Mets feed. It seemed like they interviewed someone every inning of the game, including a sleeper of a chat with Tom Seaver. My goodness I thought it was never going to end.
  • No need, regardless of the broadcast or sport, to ever show me the announcers. What is the point of cutting to shots in the booth. I’m not watching to see what they look like. It’s bad enough I’ve got to listen to them tell me what I’m watching as if I can’t see that Barajas just popped up the ball to short.
  • Big ups to Ike Davis on the over the rail grab into the 1st base side dugout in the 1st inning on Jeff Baker’s pop foul. That takes some presence and a little bit of guts. Very graceful play that should get web gem consideration.

First Star: Alfonso Soriano (.368 WPA)
Second Star: Carlos Silva (.236 WPA)
Third Star: Geo Soto (.084 WPA)

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