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GirlieView (03/26/2010)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Happy Friday!

Speaking of Friday, it seems most of the roster-based announcements have been coming out on Fridays after Joe’s morning post and before my GirlieView, forcing me to actually report news yet again. Hold your breath, here it comes! (Dave is SO much better at this than I am!!)

The Cubs cut seven more players today:

Jim Adduci (OF)
Darwin Barney (IF)
Robinson Chirinos (C)
John Gaub (LHP)
Jeff Gray (RHP)
Marcos Mateo (RHP)
Bobby Scales (IF)

Some great baseball names in that list. Or adult film stars. Or cable guys. (See Lizzies.)

In other news, Tom Gorzellany and Carlos Silva were named to the starting rotation at least for now. I was hoping for Sean Marshall myself, but I don’t dislike Gorzellany. I think I just feel sorry for Marshall. I’ll get over it!

Also, LHP James Russell (who? Guess I should have been paying better attention to the farm reports. Hey Joe? What happened to the farm reports? Isn’t it humorous how I kind of ignored them when they were here and now miss them when they’re gone? I feel bad about that now!) was named to the bullpen for the final spot pending any last minute acquisitions before the start of the season.

All of this was well-covered on Twitter so if you keep up on that you already know it all anyway! So let’s move on. Oh, wait, speaking of twitter … Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (VFTB and/or GirlieView) and Facebook (VFTB and/or GirlieView).

GirlieView Quiz/Survey/Contest

Gosh darnit you guys, make a gal’s day and take a chance on the quiz will ya? Thank you MoondogKP for being the only one to take part last week. You are the winner just because you played! Course I did enjoy the other commentary. Soooooo …. (see Lizzies.)

I don’t really know how to top Joe’s thinker from this morning about bar fights and background music, or Dave’s interesting debate on dishes vs. laundry on Thursday, so here’s some simple Y/Ns for you.

1. Will the Cubs go after Chad Gaudin?
2. Should the Cubs go after Chad Gaudin?
3. Will the Cubs complete a deal for additional bullpen pitching before Opening Day?
4. Should the Cubs complete a deal additional bullpen pitching before Opening Day?
5. Blanco? Millar? Hoffpauir? Tracy? What’s your pleasure?

TIA for participating! Meanwhile, let’s move on to this week’s recap!


  • I think I saw an adult movie once in which an actress named “Diamond LaHair” had an affair with her CEO boss, “Wellington Cashner.”
  • I thought Wellington was the cable guy…
  • Kids need to be taught how to lose and how to fail.
  • I don’t know where this season is going to end up, but I feel like it’s starting out in a good place.
  • Boof?! Please, God, no.
  • “How much for your women? Your wife…the lee-tle girl. I want to buy your women.”
  • Andres Blanco looked pretty good at shortstop, too. (Just sayin’.)
  • They’ve got strings and straps and all sorts of innards to prevent you from the proper fold.
  • I am all about my ‘halves’ until it looks like an appropriate size for the closet.
  • I suggested he tell her that he found front row $700 tickets, and let her say no, look for some thing cheaper.
  • see if [Lou] needs a 46 year old Optometrist who can rake.
  • Big news coming on Monday.
  • You found Sherm?
  • Happy hooliganism!


  • Hmmmm, y’know, for me – it’s a wash.
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Brackets, Bullpens and Bar Fights

Friday, March 26th, 2010

It’s Friday already. Not only does that mean that Lou will enlighten us on who made his rotation, but it also means another edition of Funtastic Friday. I have to admit that I’ve been a little disappointed in you lazy punks. Is it that hard to fire off a quick e-mail with something for the mailbag? It can be a question, random thought about anything, etc. We live in a day where your mobile device can do just about anything, so you really have no excuse. Then again, I can think of one person who doesn’t have a cell phone, but we won’t make fun of him. Come on people, fill my inbox with random bunches of crap at A quick Cubs note:

Lou has said today is the day we’ll know who makes the rotation. Really, all four guys have earned a spot on the staff. That surprises and excites me a little because of the lack of experience in the pen. At least we know whoever doesn’t make the rotation will at least have ML experience. Put them with Marmol and Grabow and that means we’re not filling the pen completely with kids. Now, one to the fun (random crap that comes to my mind in random order)

Bracket busted yet? Surprisingly enough, mine isn’t. At the time of this writing (9:18p eastern), I was in the 99.3 percentile on ESPN, ranked 32K out of 4.8 million brackets. We’ve had fun with this bracket. My wife and I put up $10 (big stakes, I know) as a couple and each picked a bracket. Two other couple friends (that’s what happens when you’re married, you have couple friends) also put in their money. Top combined couples score wins the money and a night of free babysitting by the losing couple. It’s sad how exciting this is to people with kids, but we’re pretty psyched because we’re probably going to win the thing. What makes me laugh is the fact that all my wife did was go straight chalk. She has no idea anything about basketball or sports in general. In fact, if sports vanished off the face of the earth overnight, she’d be a happy girl. You can imagine how excited she gets when it’s time for baseball season and a long seven months of games every night. That’s what you get when you marry someone obsessed with baseball.

Big news coming on Monday. I can’t say anything more than that really. Just know that big things will be coming next week that we’re very excited about here at VFTB. I think the news should go a long way toward generating more readers and hopefully comments for discussion on the site. Then again, if you people quit being so apathetic toward lending us your thoughts, perhaps we could get some talking going. Come on, don’t be afraid. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you comment? The only thing I can think of is that Dave will beat you into submission with stats (insert rim shot here), but that’s not so bad. Come on, be brave and leave a comment today. This is the day to step out.’s Question of the Day

If you were in a bar or strip club and ended up having to throw down with another patron (whether he hit on your woman or spilled his drink on you), what music would you want playing in the background?

Perhaps before answering this question I should confess something about my past fight history. The truth is, I’ve only hit one person in my life (oddly enough, he occasionally writes for the site) and broke my thumb in the process. It seems that in the mad rush to knock his block off, I tucked my thumb into my fist and popped that sucker right out of place, snapping a small fracture in it. Let me tell you, that hurt like nothing I’ve ever felt before or ever want to feel again. I had to pop it back in place, which was not only painful, but incredibly gross. So, if you take all that pansy talk out of the equation, I’d have to pick Fuel by Metallica.

I don’t really listen to Metallica but that song pumps me up like crazy when I hear it in the car. If I had a fast car and that song on CD or the iPod, I would have lost my license by now due to speeding and aggressive driving. It’s funny, because I honestly think I would need to hear a song like this if I was going to have any chance at defending my wife’s honor in a bar fight. I’m such a weak pansy that I should probably just keep my butt out of those situations to avoid any possibility of it happening. My luck, the guy would kick my butt and steal my lady.

What about you? What song would you pick? Have you been in a situation like this before? I’d love to hear some good fight stories.

Happy Friday. Check back around the end of the workday to see if you won a Lizzie. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t comment.

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In the News: Colvin’s got hand…

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

…and he’s gonna need it. Hello, Cubs fans. My daughter’s on spring break this week, so I’m writing this from home and having a really hard time focusing. So let’s not mess around with fancy-schmancy intros and get right to today’s top stories*:

Lip service or serious roster decision? That’s my reaction to Lou’s latest comments re: young esquire Tyler Colvin, who is ripping through Cactus League pitching to the tune of a 1.06 OPS in 50 ABs. Yesterday, Sweet Lou floated the idea that Colvin could break camp with the team as 5th outfielder if he could get regular playing time. Um, yeah, good luck with that. I suppose Lou and his coaching staff could put together some sort of rotational schedule in which Colvin, who can play all three outfield positions, relieves each of the three starters throughout the week.

OR the Cubs could just send Tyler to Iowa where he can get regular ABs without such contrivances and, presumably, keep his confidence high. Lou did say that Colvin would be a starter if the Cubs had an outfield opening so, again, if this kid has a legit shot at being a starting player someday soon, why not just keep him on that path? Lou does seem to recognize the importance of this possibility, which I’m glad to read.

Angel Guzman has surgery, renewed hope. Angel had his shoulder surgery yesterday and, for better or worse, it was a relatively milder procedure than initially anticipated. This improves his odds of making a comeback with the Cubs next year. I think we all have to keep our expectations low with Angel, but it would be nice to see him on the mound again in some capacity.

The Toyota sign is coming. Architectural aesthetics be damned – it appears Tom Ricketts has every intention of striking a deal with Toyota for an illuminated sign of some sort in left field. I’m half-joking about the aesthetics thing. There was an interesting and somewhat convincing article in Sunday’s Tribune about the detrimental effects the sign would have on the look of Wrigley Field. But, as Tom points out, it wouldn’t affect anyone’s sight lines – including rooftop attendees. And, y’know, it’s another revenue stream for improving the team and the park. I saw a clip of Tom Ricketts addressing the matter on the news last night, and he seemed very matter of fact about it. Expect the sign to happen.

Cubs signing of Korean pitcher is now official. As reported here a few weeks (months?) back, Jin-Yeong Kim is now officially a Cub (uh, at least organizationally speaking). Kim reportedly received a $1.2 million signing bonus. Hat tip to Wrigley Bound’s Matt Swain for breaking/covering this story – I haven’t really seen it mentioned anywhere else.

Roster cuts coming tomorrow (Friday). Who shall go? Who shall stay? Will Kevin Millar’s cockroach-like tenacity (and .320 batting average) see him through to the finish line? As of this writing, the team is carrying 40 players but that number will drop to 30 by tomorrow (Friday).

Abe Lincoln’s ghost haunts Topps Cubs cards. Here’s a weird little story I came across. Some bored graphic designer at Topps apparently photoshopped a ghostly image of dead prez Abraham Lincoln onto several current and former Cubs player cards – including Milton Bradley. Hm, Milton Bradley…Abraham Lincoln…is that a political statement? I don’t want to know. Very odd.

Yesterday’s (Wednesday’s) game results: Cubs whup some Rangers ass with 12-1 victory. My man Sean Marshall looked a little shaky in the first inning but settled down to have a stupendous start – 4 IP, 0 ER, 1 BB and 5 K (!!!). Meanwhile, lefty bench bat candidate Chad Tracy showed a little of that rebound promise with two doubles that drove in five runs. Kosuke also went 3 for 3 in the lead off spot. (See, Lou? Fukudome batting lead-off and raking vs. a right-handed pitcher. Check the splits! Theriot can still hit well in the eight hole vs. RHP and bat lead-off vs. lefties.) Andres Blanco looked pretty good at shortstop, too. (Just sayin’.)

Today’s (Thursday’s) game: Cubs vs. D’Backs, 3:05 CDT. No word on lineups or starters just yet (is it Gorzelanny’s turn?), and I’m not sure whether I’ll get a chance to come back and post them. It does appear audio of the game will be available via

And last but not least – our newest VFTB feature:’s Question of the Day! Here it is:

Which do you prefer: The feeling you get when you go to unload the dishwasher so you can do the dishes, only to find the dishwasher is either (a) empty or (b) only partially filled with dirty dishes, thereby saving you some work, or the feeling you get when you go to switch your clothes into the dryer and discover the dryer is empty, so you only have to fold one load of clothes?

Hmmmm, y’know, for me – it’s a wash. INSTANT RIMSHOT!


*Reddish text = hyperlinks to my sources.

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Can the Mariners top 2009?

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Most everyone knows by now that the Mariners are the best defensive team in baseball, but by how much? At Baseball Info Solutions, we’ve recently projected Defensive Runs Saved (as introduced in The Fielding Bible – Volume II) for the 2010 season. We evaluated each player’s defensive performance over the past three years and prorated their performance based on the number of innings each is expected to play this year. We expect Seattle to nearly match their 110 Runs Saved from 2009 and dwarf the second-best Phillies, 2008’s best defensive team.

Best Projected Defensive Teams for 2010
Team Projected Runs Saved
Seattle Mariners 103
Philadelphia Phillies 49
Tampa Bay Rays 48
St. Louis Cardinals 38
Houston Astros 37

The Red Sox will be the most improved team, going from -52 Runs Saved in 2009 to a projection of 35 Runs Saved in 2010 thanks to their offseason acquisitions.

Franklin Gutierrez led baseball with 32 Runs Saved in center field in 2009, though new Mariners teammates Chone Figgins (31 Runs Saved) and Jack Wilson (27 Runs Saved) finished close behind. We project Gutierrez to retain his crown, but Wilson and 2008 champion Chase Utley should give him a run for his money.

Best Projected Defenders for 2010
Player, Position-Team Projected Runs Saved
Franklin Gutierrez, CF-Seattle 24
Jack Wilson, SS-Seattle 22
Chase Utley, 2B-Philadelphia 21
Albert Pujols, 1B-St. Louis 20
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B-Washington 19

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Bullpen roundup

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Here we are less than two weeks away from Opening Day.  Most of the Cubs’ lineup is falling in place as we thought it would; the only question in the rotation seems to be if Silva or Gorzelanny will stick when Lilly comes back up in mid- to late April.  On the bench there is the shortstop backup question and whether or not either Millar or Tracy will accept a demotion to Iowa (there won’t be room for both.)

Far and away the biggest question marks are in the bullpen and we can expect to see a lot of them in April.  Marmol, Marshall, Caridad, Berg and Russell appear to be locks and all are pitching well.  After that it gets dicey – Grabow and Samardzija will almost certainly make the 25 man roster but neither is pitching effectively.  And God help us if anybody gets hurt – we’ll have Diamond ready in the minors and after that you’ve got Gaub, Atkins and Cashner, none of whom appear to be ready at this time.  I’ve seen enough of Parisi to conclude that he has no future wearing Cubbie Blue and he will be returned to St. Louis (assuming they will take him back.)

Pretty soon roster cuts will begin in earnest and a few teams are going to have to part ways with relievers that might still have a little gas in the tank – I’m hopeful that the Cubs will be able to latch on to one or two and possibly return Samardzija and Berg to minor league camp.    Samardzija’s pitches look like frozen ropes and he’s real hittable, I see a lot of blown saves and L’s in his 2010 future if he doesn’t get more development time in Iowa.  Berg has certainly pitched well but having three minor leaguers in our pen is a dicey proposition.  Hopefully the Cubs can make a trade or pick up someone prior to Opening Day – it’s going to be easier to do now than it will be after the season starts.

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