Today the Cubs completed their roster moves; in doing so they made a couple of minor league assignments and they gave Kevin Millar his unconditional release.  This means that Chad Tracy makes the 25 man (yes, he of the mediocre spring batting average, on base percentage and slugging percentage.)  But Tracy does give us a viable backup for oft-injured Aramis Ramirez at third – he’ll be better over there for thirty games than we’d be with Fontenot and/or Baker.

It’s a shame Millar didn’t make the club, he’s a class guy and he’ll probably end up in somebody’s organization in a management role.  I’d like to think that the Cubs offered him a stint in Iowa and more than likely he declined that.  That notwithstanding I’d be surprised if he gets a job with another team, hopefully he will.

From an offensive standpoint we look better than last year.  Gone are Hoffpaiur (whom I had hoped would succeed,) Blanco, Miles and the unspeakable name.  Yesterday Mr. Unspeakable mocked Piniella in their team game by throwing first base – it amused me that this class guy (or his manager) chose not to start him against the Cubs in their exhibition game.  Bad news Milton, the Cubs play the M’s in the regular season.  Will you have the cajones to show up at that game?  I doubt it, Bradley’s all hat and no cattle.  This Cubs team doesn’t have the respect going into the regular season that last year’s team had but it sure has better chemistry.  These guys like playing together and it shows.

I’m also positive about where the ownership is in this season’s start – I think Ricketts is watching like we are.  So another season starts – we have reason to hope.  Cards fans feel like we did last year, let’s see what happens.

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