DREAM # 010 by Moe Thatcher

In springtime, a young man’s fancy turns to ………Addison and Clark?
And things that will happen in the Wrigley Park,
This could be the year the Cubs will make their mark,
It’s been more than one hundred years of dark,

Even though they didn’t spend much money,
And to many it may seem funny,
In spring, the outlook is always sunny,
Looking forward to days of milk and honey,

This is the time to lift our mood,
instead of no, let’s say we could,

Big Z lost all that weight,
So did Soto, his battery mate,

Without all that blubber,
Carlo’s pitches will be like flubber,

The opposing team will gape,
Geo’s in great shape,

Dempster’s ready to go this year,
Randy Wells’ time is near,
Marshall is still here,
Carlos Silva no longer drinks beer,
Lilly’s injury, never fear,

Marmol’s ready from start,
Grabow, Caridad, and the Shark will do their part,

Losing Guzman was a blow,
But Berg, Russell and Marshall will vanquish any foe

This years team will score way more.,
If they hit three, we’ll hit four,
The hitting will be no more punch and judy,
Now that our batting coach is Rudy

With D-Lee and A-Ram as three and four,
Giving us a strong core,
Soto and Soriano as they were before,
Theriot like Sandberg in 84,

Fukudome getting on base,
Nady, Byrd and Fontenot smashing it into space,
How bout that Colvin?
He’s hitting the ball all over the place,
I’m saying right here and now, we’ll win this race.

The lineup will be much better,
Can you write another song, Eddie Vedder?

You will say that I am crazy in the head,
And it’s hard to believe all that I’ve said,

By mid May, I may be ready to scream,
But sometimes things are better than they seem,
As everyone knows who follows this team,
Spring is the time to hold onto the dream,

By July or August it may be gone,
like the dry grass on the front lawn,
like old watches sold for pawn,
like the night sky at dawn,

But our new owners are wealthy,
and if Soriano and our pitching remain healthy,

and if Theriot, Fukudome and Big Z all have a career year,
Lee and Ramirez provoke fear,
Marmol, Grabow and Caridad have no peer,
Well let’s just say, it can happen here.

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