Is it time to eat my words or what?  Is this the same Tyler Colvin that I saw in San Francisco in September?  The kid was lanky and looked utterly clueless against curveballs in AT&T Park – now he’s filled out somewhat and he looks like he’s spent the offseason in the batting cage working with a curveball machine.  The way he turned on the breaking ball in the 5th was impressive – were I Piniella I’d be ready to cut him loose for a couple of days with instructions to find an apartment in Chicago.  This is a real positive sign – we’ve got a guy that has a chance to give us backup in all three outfield positions as well as a hot bat off the bench.  So somebody hand me my hat, I’m ready to eat.

Silva also impressed me today; he had a lot of good sinking action on his pitches and he only threw one “hit me hit me” pitch.  He also pitched out of his jam early and left the game with one on base and a 1-1 score in the sixth.  Russell has continued to impress and Caridad might be a surprise player for us in the pen.  I’d still like to see us get an experienced reliever though, three rookies out there is a daunting challenge to say the least.

Today the Cubbies traded Blanco for future considerations, the clear message is that they are going to chance it with Fontenot as a stopgap at SS.  Barney or Castro will be called up immediately if there’s any question about an injury with Theriot.  This also solidifies Theriot’s position as he will be starting nearly everyday at short.  The Cubs are really touting Jaramillo when it comes to his interaction with The Riot; one thing I’ve noticed insofar as the Cubs’ hitting instructor is that he always seems to be taking notes.

A minor injury question came out of today’s game as Byrd got hit by a pick off attempt and got a rather ugly knot on his cheek – let’s hope he’s okay.  Also taken off the roster today was Rule 5 selection Parisi who was outrighted to Iowa.

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