Happy Friday!

Speaking of Friday, it seems most of the roster-based announcements have been coming out on Fridays after Joe’s morning post and before my GirlieView, forcing me to actually report news yet again. Hold your breath, here it comes! (Dave is SO much better at this than I am!!)

The Cubs cut seven more players today:

Jim Adduci (OF)
Darwin Barney (IF)
Robinson Chirinos (C)
John Gaub (LHP)
Jeff Gray (RHP)
Marcos Mateo (RHP)
Bobby Scales (IF)

Some great baseball names in that list. Or adult film stars. Or cable guys. (See Lizzies.)

In other news, Tom Gorzellany and Carlos Silva were named to the starting rotation at least for now. I was hoping for Sean Marshall myself, but I don’t dislike Gorzellany. I think I just feel sorry for Marshall. I’ll get over it!

Also, LHP James Russell (who? Guess I should have been paying better attention to the farm reports. Hey Joe? What happened to the farm reports? Isn’t it humorous how I kind of ignored them when they were here and now miss them when they’re gone? I feel bad about that now!) was named to the bullpen for the final spot pending any last minute acquisitions before the start of the season.

All of this was well-covered on Twitter so if you keep up on that you already know it all anyway! So let’s move on. Oh, wait, speaking of twitter … Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (VFTB and/or GirlieView) and Facebook (VFTB and/or GirlieView).

GirlieView Quiz/Survey/Contest

Gosh darnit you guys, make a gal’s day and take a chance on the quiz will ya? Thank you MoondogKP for being the only one to take part last week. You are the winner just because you played! Course I did enjoy the other commentary. Soooooo …. (see Lizzies.)

I don’t really know how to top Joe’s thinker from this morning about bar fights and background music, or Dave’s interesting debate on dishes vs. laundry on Thursday, so here’s some simple Y/Ns for you.

1. Will the Cubs go after Chad Gaudin?
2. Should the Cubs go after Chad Gaudin?
3. Will the Cubs complete a deal for additional bullpen pitching before Opening Day?
4. Should the Cubs complete a deal additional bullpen pitching before Opening Day?
5. Blanco? Millar? Hoffpauir? Tracy? What’s your pleasure?

TIA for participating! Meanwhile, let’s move on to this week’s recap!


  • I think I saw an adult movie once in which an actress named “Diamond LaHair” had an affair with her CEO boss, “Wellington Cashner.”
  • I thought Wellington was the cable guy…
  • Kids need to be taught how to lose and how to fail.
  • I don’t know where this season is going to end up, but I feel like it’s starting out in a good place.
  • Boof?! Please, God, no.
  • “How much for your women? Your wife…the lee-tle girl. I want to buy your women.”
  • Andres Blanco looked pretty good at shortstop, too. (Just sayin’.)
  • They’ve got strings and straps and all sorts of innards to prevent you from the proper fold.
  • I am all about my ‘halves’ until it looks like an appropriate size for the closet.
  • I suggested he tell her that he found front row $700 tickets, and let her say no, look for some thing cheaper.
  • see if [Lou] needs a 46 year old Optometrist who can rake.
  • Big news coming on Monday.
  • You found Sherm?
  • Happy hooliganism!


  • Hmmmm, y’know, for me – it’s a wash.
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