It’s Friday already. Not only does that mean that Lou will enlighten us on who made his rotation, but it also means another edition of Funtastic Friday. I have to admit that I’ve been a little disappointed in you lazy punks. Is it that hard to fire off a quick e-mail with something for the mailbag? It can be a question, random thought about anything, etc. We live in a day where your mobile device can do just about anything, so you really have no excuse. Then again, I can think of one person who doesn’t have a cell phone, but we won’t make fun of him. Come on people, fill my inbox with random bunches of crap at A quick Cubs note:

Lou has said today is the day we’ll know who makes the rotation. Really, all four guys have earned a spot on the staff. That surprises and excites me a little because of the lack of experience in the pen. At least we know whoever doesn’t make the rotation will at least have ML experience. Put them with Marmol and Grabow and that means we’re not filling the pen completely with kids. Now, one to the fun (random crap that comes to my mind in random order)

Bracket busted yet? Surprisingly enough, mine isn’t. At the time of this writing (9:18p eastern), I was in the 99.3 percentile on ESPN, ranked 32K out of 4.8 million brackets. We’ve had fun with this bracket. My wife and I put up $10 (big stakes, I know) as a couple and each picked a bracket. Two other couple friends (that’s what happens when you’re married, you have couple friends) also put in their money. Top combined couples score wins the money and a night of free babysitting by the losing couple. It’s sad how exciting this is to people with kids, but we’re pretty psyched because we’re probably going to win the thing. What makes me laugh is the fact that all my wife did was go straight chalk. She has no idea anything about basketball or sports in general. In fact, if sports vanished off the face of the earth overnight, she’d be a happy girl. You can imagine how excited she gets when it’s time for baseball season and a long seven months of games every night. That’s what you get when you marry someone obsessed with baseball.

Big news coming on Monday. I can’t say anything more than that really. Just know that big things will be coming next week that we’re very excited about here at VFTB. I think the news should go a long way toward generating more readers and hopefully comments for discussion on the site. Then again, if you people quit being so apathetic toward lending us your thoughts, perhaps we could get some talking going. Come on, don’t be afraid. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you comment? The only thing I can think of is that Dave will beat you into submission with stats (insert rim shot here), but that’s not so bad. Come on, be brave and leave a comment today. This is the day to step out.’s Question of the Day

If you were in a bar or strip club and ended up having to throw down with another patron (whether he hit on your woman or spilled his drink on you), what music would you want playing in the background?

Perhaps before answering this question I should confess something about my past fight history. The truth is, I’ve only hit one person in my life (oddly enough, he occasionally writes for the site) and broke my thumb in the process. It seems that in the mad rush to knock his block off, I tucked my thumb into my fist and popped that sucker right out of place, snapping a small fracture in it. Let me tell you, that hurt like nothing I’ve ever felt before or ever want to feel again. I had to pop it back in place, which was not only painful, but incredibly gross. So, if you take all that pansy talk out of the equation, I’d have to pick Fuel by Metallica.

I don’t really listen to Metallica but that song pumps me up like crazy when I hear it in the car. If I had a fast car and that song on CD or the iPod, I would have lost my license by now due to speeding and aggressive driving. It’s funny, because I honestly think I would need to hear a song like this if I was going to have any chance at defending my wife’s honor in a bar fight. I’m such a weak pansy that I should probably just keep my butt out of those situations to avoid any possibility of it happening. My luck, the guy would kick my butt and steal my lady.

What about you? What song would you pick? Have you been in a situation like this before? I’d love to hear some good fight stories.

Happy Friday. Check back around the end of the workday to see if you won a Lizzie. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t comment.

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