I kind of like doing the whole wordless thing, but I’ve been wanting to comment on a post I found a few days ago, so I’m breaking the silence.

I can’t post the article in full because it’s subscription based on ESPN Insider, but the topic itself is an interesting one. We’ve long debated the idea of baseball doing away with the DH. Everyone has mixed feelings on the topic. Personally, it doesn’t bother me a whole lot that it’s still around. I love scoring a game with the DH because it makes for a cleaner sheet. At the same time, I can also see the argument that it’s not how baseball was created.

Tom Tango proposed a couple changes to how the DH is run in the AL which made me think a little.

1. House Rules

His concept here is that it’s the home manager’s decision whether or not to use the DH. It’s the way it’s done in spring training and may add an element of strategy for teams without a great offense when a team like the Yankees come to town.

2. One-and-Done

The concept here is that when it’s the pitcher’s turn to bat, regardless of where in the order that may be, the DH is essentially a pinch hitter that is given one at bat and then must be removed. The manager has the choice when the situation arrives whether or not to use a pinch hitter or simply let the pitcher hit. This concept is the one that most appeals to me because it’s most like the NL game.

3. My Bodyguard

I hate this idea, but it’s definitely interesting. The DH is tied to the pitcher. When the starter comes out, so does the DH that was attached to him.

4. Relay

Either the DH or the Pitcher must be removed each time. It’s basically the opposite of # 3.

What are your thoughts?

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