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March 15, 2010

Projecting the Roster: Week 2

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Another week means another edition of the weekly projecting the roster series. Before we get to that, I’d like to ramble mindlessly again in a shameless attempt at breaking my record for most lizzie awards in one post. Last week I managed to score four in one post. It was like a flashback to when Titanic was at the Oscars. Perhaps this week will be the same.

I don’t think I mentioned it the other day, but I purchased my ticket to see the Cubs at an away stadium for this year. Living in North Carolina, I usually make the trip up to D.C. each year when they come to play the Nats. This year, the series is during the week, so I had to come up with a new plan. Plan B this year is to catch the Cubs in Cincy in late August. The best part of the experience is the ticket I purchased. It was a $30 ticket in the….wait for it……ALL YOU CAN EAT section. I’m psyched. I will be arriving at the opening of the park and eating the first portion while waiting in line for seconds. That makes me wonder why every team doesn’t have a few sections with the all you can eat concept, escpecially teams that don’t sell out every game. I’ll be sure to give you the breakdown on the park and the food. I’ve heard good things about Great American Ballpark, so I’m excited.

Projecting the Roster – Week 2

Ryan Theriot
Kosuke Fukudome
Derrek Lee
Aramis Ramirez
Marlon Byrd
Alfonso Soriano
Geo Soto
Mike Fontenot

Carlos Zambrano
Ryan Dempster
Randy Wells
Sean Marshall
Tom Gorzelany

Xavier Nady
Sam Fuld
Jeff Baker
Koyie Hill
Andres Blanco

Carlos Marmol
John Grabow
Jeff Samardzija
Esmailin Caridad
John Gaub
Andrew Cashner
Mike Parisi


  • I don’t want to admit it, but I think Tyler Colvin probably deserves the 5th outfield spot at this point for two reasons. 1. He can actually throw, which Nady cannot do. 2. He’s outplayed Sam Fuld tremendously and can play all three outfield spots. I’m just torn on the concept of him sitting on the bench. The only way I’ll go into the season being OK with him on the roster is if he’s going to get a start or two each week. If he’s not going to get that playing time, I’d rather her see him get regular at bats down in Iowa.
  • I think the bullpen is actually starting to take shape. Guab has shown early success and deserves a spot in the pen based on that and the fact that he was very good all last year. Samardzija is not going to make this rotation. I just don’t see him as a starter, but he’s good enough to be a member of the pen, especially since he’s has any type of major league experience. It’s something this group will be lacking so the more veterans the better.


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Joe Aiello is the founder of View From the Bleachers and one of the lead writers. Growing up in Chicago, he fondly remembers attending games in the bleachers before that was the popular thing to do. Currently Joe resides in North Carolina with his wife and three kids and helps people protect their assets as an independent insurance agent. Connect with Joe via Twitter / Facebook / E-mail

  • Doug Bagley

    Joe: I live in northern kentucky so I look forward to every Cubs visit to Cincy…You will love it at GABP and it is always filled with tons of Cubs fans…Come to the left field bleachers and snag some BP before the game!!!

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    The Tyler Colvin issue is definitely mounting. And I agree with your take on it. I, too, would prefer Colvin to play everyday in Triple A (hey, that rhymes) to continue his development in the hopes that he could be an everyday right fielder in 2012. (Maybe he could transition to the 4th OF role in 2011.) But, if the Cubs do decide to start the season with Nady on the DL, maybe Colvin should be given a bench start for that period. One big problem, however: One of Nady’s primary jobs was going to be platooning with Kosuke in right field. Colvin and Fukudome are both left-handed hitters, though, so I don’t really see how a platoon would work. I guess Lou could take a defensive-minded approach and put Byrd in right field vs. LHP and go with Colvin in centerfield. Of course, he could do the same thing with Fuld. Scary thought: Would the Cubs take Kevin Millar north to play some right field vs. LHP. Of course, then what happens when Nady is ready?

  • Joe

    Doug, I’d love to do it. My e-mail address is

    Hit me up before the game and maybe we can meet up if you’re going? I’m sitting in section 401, I think. It’s an all you can eat section in the left field foul area near the bleachers. I’m going on whatever the last Saturday in Aug. is. It’s a night game

  • Joe

    Dave, Nady isn’t going to start on the DL. The reports haven’t been very truthful when saying he’s not ready till June. They should be saying “won’t be 100% till June”, but Hendry and Bruce Levine have both said that the bat is fine and that he can handle short throws right now.

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    Oh, and I agree with your take on the pen, too. Friday’s game in Vegas was the first time I’d ever seen Thomas Diamond – and I like what I saw for the most part. Man, he’s a HUGE dude. Looks like a linebacker. If he could go out there and throw strikes, I could absolutely see him as a decent middle reliever – maybe even a set-up guy if Caridad struggles. I have a feeling Samardzija ends up in the pen, too. The Cubs need to make a decision, though, if they do put him in relief, he should STAY there and focus on working toward being an elite set-up guy. If the team still thinks he could be a starter, the Shark should swim to Iowa and start everyday.

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    @Joe: Yeah, in my last post, I made that same point about Nady – that he could still start the season even if he was limited in his throwing ability. But I’m starting to wonder whether that could change if he doesn’t get much, if any, defensive playing time in the spring.
    Another note on the bullpen: Jeff Gray has yet to pitch, so I’m starting to think he won’t break camp with the club after all. I guess there’s still plenty of time for him to make a few appearances, though.

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    @Joe: Just came across this Muskat blog post from over the weekend:

    Quoth Carrie, “Expect Nady to play in the outfield in the last 10 days of Spring Training.”

    So it looks like I’m being a little paranoid about Nady not being able to start the season. Assuming he does OK those last 10 days, he’ll probably head north.

  • Seymour Butts

    Pretty Psyched about your multiple Lizzie post aren’t you. Remember it’s quality, not quantity. Also remember there are 10 kinds of people in the world… those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

    I bought my tickets over the weekend for the Seattle series, middle of the week, but I’m the boss, so I can take off.

    I have been to Cincy’s GAB (saw the Farnsworth tackle there), and it’s anything but great. Clean, but unimpressive. I’ve been to petco, safeco, Coor’s Feild, all of which were built in the same time frame and are much more interesting architecturally. Cincy is a new version of a 50 year old design. And it has the added woe of being in Cincinnati. But a baseball trip is a good one no matter where you go. There are several reasonably priced hotels in walking distance just across the bridge into Kentucky.

    Colvin needs to play every day, send him to AAA, and bring him up when Alf stubs a toe.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Self-promotion is the mating call of the mute button!
    I would never do one of those all you can eat things at a ballpark. Those foods are disgusting, and it’s how I became fat. Not going down that path again.

    Colvin should stay in AAA, get regular ABs, or maybe the Cubs should try to make him a 1B so after 2010 we have someone who can play 1B. Samardzija, I don’t get what the love-fest with him is all about. Just because he played football at Notre Dame and was a legend? Samardzija sucks at baseball. He should just stick to football, play for the Bears, and let my boy A.J. Hawk crush him

  • Joe

    You don’t just move a good athlete in Colvin to 1B because you’re needing someone to play there a few years down the road. 1B is where a fielder goes to die late in his career.

    Colvin will get his time, potentially in RF if Fukudome struggles, but just has to be patient and continue to show good numbers when given the opportunity. He’s a guy a lot of people thought was a bit of an overdraft the year the Cubs took Samardzija with a big ML deal.

    I don’t know how you say Samardzija sucks. That’s the feeling of a lot of haters out there as well. He’s got good stuff, but we knew when he was drafted that the stuff was raw for a college player. He’s not on the typical college player track where you’re fully developed in a year or so. I’m still confident that he’ll be a part of this staff and be productive.

  • Doc Raker

    Keep Colvin down and bring him up to get the max of his 3 years prior to arbitration elegible. Bring him up early to sit on the bench makes no business sense if he is going to command big arbitration dollars. Bring him up ready to play full time or keep him down, the business of baseball makes that most payroll prudent.

    Aramis- mild arm strain- that didn’t take long for the first Aramis injury of the year. Vegas has the odds at 2-1 that his next injury will be a leg injury. I took the leg for $50.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Samardzija sucks as a starter. He showed us he is a good reliever in 2008, he is not a starter though. I don’t hate Samardzija, I just think Cubs fans are obsessed with him for no reason, and me being an OSU fan, as my SN indicates, and speaking of my boy Pryor, my Pryor jersey came in today in the mail, I don’t like Notre Dame, unless they’re playing Michigan or USC.

    I guess I can see that with Colvin, not moving him to 1B until his career is at the end. I also think it would be a good idea to wait to call him up. I would call him up around June so that he arbitration clock starts a little later, and he isn’t a super-2 player and we control him for an extra season. Maybe the Cubs should try to trade Byrd, who knows?

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    @Doc Raker: Totally agree on Colvin. Sam Fuld is all the 4th OF the Cubs need right now. Defense, speed – and actually some decent plate discipline. I’m in no way guaranteeing Colvin will be a starter someday, but as long as there’s a decent chance of it, the Cubs should pursue that plan. If Brett Jackson and Colvin pan out as starters, that would give the Cubs two young, cheap, cost-controlled players in the outfield in the not-too-distant future.

  • Doug Bagly

    Joe: I will for sure be there so hopefully we can meet up. Don’t know ’bout the rest of you but I’m getting very excited…keep up the good posts boys and girls…don’t comment a lot but i read this daily and I enjoy all the views

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