Happy Friday!

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Second things second, in the spirit of Funtastic Friday that Joe always starts off with a bang, let’s continue the fun by introducing a GirlieView Friday Quiz. Or maybe it’s a survey. Or maybe a contest. No prizes. Here’s the first installment.

Yes or no, will these players be on the Cubs Opening Day roster?

1. Carlos Silva
2. Mike Fontenot
3. Andres Blanco
4. Kevin Millar
5. Jeff Samardzija
6. Micah Hoffpauir

You vote, I’ll tally, and on Opening Day we’ll see who did the best!

Third things third, this week’s best!


  • Yeah, Silva sucked the chrome off of the proverbial trailer hitch.
  • It’s better to see bullpen competition amongst youngsters that see guys like Heilman taking up space.
  • The Casey McGehee thing still kinda hurts.
  • I do have a Dell Mini 9 that I want to hackintosh for shits.
  • As with most things Cubs, I urge against panic.
  • John “Ol’ Man River” Grabow, Mike “Rule 5″ Parisi, Andrew “Cash Money” Cashner, Thomas “Needs No Nickname ‘Cuz His Last Name Is So Cool” Diamond, John “LOOGY of the Future” Gaub and Justin “Case We Need Another Reliever” Berg
  • The most telling thing about the Milty issue is that you can’t find a former Cub team mate who will defend him.
  • It sucks getting old.
  • I used to wonder why my grandparents had no issue with going to be at 9p and waking up at half past the butt crack of dawn to eat breakfast. Now I know.
  • Let’s start making them the focus instead of a racially paranoid idiot in Seattle.
  • Meredith has selected the wrong Stacy from the address book and sent her dirty admission to her boss instead of her boyfriend.
  • 10 PM is late.
  • Joe, I’m with you on all sorts of levels today. Sort of creepy.
  • If you already have enough dough to do what ever you want for the rest of your life,you don’t need to profit from every business endeavor, some can be just for fun.


  • I’m happy with the low expectations of the Media.
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