For whatever reason, I’m up early this Friday morning. That always sucks because of the fact that it means I’ll be tired early this evening. It sucks getting old. I feel like going to bed just about every night around 10p. I used to wonder why my grandparents had no issue with going to be at 9p and waking up at half past the butt crack of dawn to eat breakfast. Now I know. It’s as if your mental wake up clock uses a permanent daylight savings time that shifts back a few minutes each year you’re alive. I don’t like it one bit.

All this off-season, all we’ve heard about is Milton Bradley. I’m sick of Milton Bradley. I propose a new rule. When you trade a player, with him goes the right to talk about him anymore. If all we’re going to do is let this garbage be the storyline of the off-season and spring, where are we heading? It’s certainly not the right direction.Why not talk about the fact that Tyler Colvin is off to a great start with the bat? Perhaps we could focus on the idea that Starlin Castro really may be a star, but he hasn’t outhit a ferocious start by the Riot. Maybe Randy Wells and his lights out first two outings. What I’m getting at here is that there is an awful lot of good, solid positive stories with some of the young kids in this organization. Let’s start making them the focus instead of a racially paranoid idiot in Seattle.

I’ve decided that I’m pissed off that the MLB Extra Innings package doesn’t include spring training games. When I pay to see the baseball games, it’s not asking much to have MLB shoot me a few extra baseball games for the Cubs. It doesn’t have to be a great feed of the game put on by WGN or things like that, but I’d like to see more games. I pay for it, and I should see it.

I made grilled cheese for the wife and toddler and I yesterday for dinner, along with some oranges and beef soup. Before you give me map props, the soup came out of a can. That said, I threw some jalapenos on my grilled cheese and I must say I’m hooked. I don’t know what made me think of it, but the result was like eating nachos in sandwich form. Outstanding. I highly recommend trying it, and be sure to let me know if you do.

Illinois plays Wisconsin today in a must win game if they’re going to make the tournament. Part of me doesn’t even want to watch the game, despite being a really big Illini fan. I don’t see much of a point. They’ve played so bad lately that it’s hard to not only see them winning, but having any chance of advancing past the first round if they make it. Thank God for the guys coming in next year.

Great Moments in Work Idiocy

This segment seemed to go really well a week or two ago, so I figured I’d bring it back a little bit. This moment happened to my co-workers on Wednesday of this week and made me laugh. It was around 5:30p. I had already gone home from the day, which left three ladies to close it up. All of them are in their mid to late 30’s. One of them, we’ll call her Meredith, is dating a guy who just so happens to have the exact same name (spelling included) as our office manager. We’ll call them both Stacy. So this particular evening, as they’re all leaving, Meredith decides that she’s going to text her boyfriend, Stacy. She pulls out her phone and composes a message that says “I’m so hot right now” and presses send. Moments later my office manager, who has the same name as the boyfriend, receives said text message on her phone but doesn’t recognize the number. Confused for a second she asks out loud what the heck message is this? She then recognizes the number and asks Meredith to confirm what her cell # is. Upon confirming, there is a mass embarrassment on both ends as both parties realize that in the process of sexting, Meredith has selected the wrong Stacy from the address book and sent her dirty admission to her boss instead of her boyfriend.

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