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March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Evolution of Apple

Filed under: Featured,General — Joe Aiello @ 7:23 am

I got a new phone yesterday. Let me say that Droid rocks. That said, here is a funny thing I found for wordless Wednesday.

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  • Tom C

    I love my iPhone, great touch-screen and not as spongy as the droid. Heck of a lot more apps than the droid as well and my buddy’s droid has crashed several times, mine? never. That being said, I am not an ‘apple’ guy, I will never buy a mac and the iPad looks like a waste of money, more excited about the HP Slate or Microsoft’s Courier which will allow flash (yeah!) and run win7 allowing full programs instead of apps!

  • jswanson

    @Joe — I’m handcuffed to Verizon for the time being…iPhones are pretty slick, and I’m somewhat jealous. That post is awesomely funny…

    @Tom — I’m with you on the Mac thing…I do have a Dell Mini 9 that I want to hackintosh for shits. I have been off the Microsoft grid for some time, so I’m basically waiting for a decent tablet to come out on which I can drop Linux. And for what it is worth, Flash must die.

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    My wife and I are on Verizon, too, and she was already a BlackBerry user, so we recently upgraded to Storm 2s. I really like it a lot, though I’m admittedly a novice smartphone user (this is my first one) so maybe my standards are low. I do have some “app envy” when I hear about iPhones but, so far, I have all the apps I need. Baseball-wise, I’ve got a and app and, of course, At Bat 2010.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Screw the iPhone, screw Macs, screw the iPad. The only Apple product I have and the only product I will ever purchase is the iPod. Mmmmmmmm…Apple

  • jswanson

    Daver…do you have Gameday Audio for your Blackberry? Between that and Pandora, my data usage is crazy high.

    Nothing makes work more enjoyable than spending the afternoon with Pat and Ronnie. It makes my cubicle a much happier place.

  • Mr. David M. Beyer
  • dat_cubfan_daver

    @jswanson: I don’t have Gameday Audio for my BlackBerry, but I have the new At Bat 2010 app, which includes the audio. I haven’t really tried it yet (just tested it once), but I’m looking forward to having it for my commutes or when my wife drags me out somewhere. My only concern is battery wear.

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    @Mr. David M. Beyer: What kind of apps come with that thing? Built-in bazooka?

  • Lizzie

    Gameday Audio for the Blackberry? I think I just peed a little bit I’m so excited. So when you’re sitting in your office listening to Pat and Ron, is it using a wi-fi connection or its normal cell signal? My current model (which I hate at the moment and need to replace, though it will be for another Blackberry) has no wi-fi but my new one should.

  • Mastrick

    I would not want an iPhone because one is railroaded into dealing with AT&T’s antiquated 3G network with sparse coverage outside of major metropolitan areas. Plus I just would prefer not to deal with AT&T.

  • Lizzie

    By the way does anyone know if Gameday Audio is available for the iPhone? If it is, then it would probably work on the iTouch too which would be a viable option for me temporarily. I could just look it up, but I’d rather hear from someone who is using it.

  • Mastrick

    Dunno Lizzie, I got a little netbook for $304 so now I can listen to Cubs games at work (when Cincinnati blacks out Extra Innings that is.)

  • Joe Aiello


    You can get the MLB At Bat app for like $14.95 and that includes gameday audio as well as a pretty sweet gamecast

  • jswanson

    @Daver…At Bat is pretty similar to what I had last year, but more polished. Sounds great. I’m sold.

    @Lizzie…yeah, the Gameday Audio streams via cellular, and At Bat is essencially the same thing. Check it out:

  • Lizzie

    I have At Bat already for the iTouch for the past few years (didn’t yet get it for the Blackberry) and I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t know about the Gameday Audio as part of it, but then I realized I have At Bat LITE. Now I’m going to upgrade it. Thanks everyone for all the good info!

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