Happy Friday!

I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to listen to the game yesterday … doesn’t it suck when you’re real job gets in the way of your favorite pastime?? But it almost didn’t matter … when I finally got around to checking my Twitter I had almost a play-by-play from the wonderful Cubs folks I follow! Thanks everybody! You’d be amazed how much I learned about the game never hearing a minute of it! If you’re looking to enter into the wonderful world of Twitter, here’s some of my favorites:

@vftb (of course!)
@GirlieView (like how I snuck that in here?) :-)

GirlieView also now has a Facebook page. It’s different from my personal page so you won’t have to read about my daily comings and goings or look at pictures of my pets and landscaping, so don’t worry. This fan page will send out announcements of new GirlieView articles, other VFTB articles when conversations start getting interesting, and some of my better Wrigley pictures. Click here to join in if you’d like.

Now, on to this week’s recap! Slim pickins this week but I have a feeling things will pick up very quickly this month!


  • I actually wonder if Fontenot may not even make the team
  • You mean they want a veteran bullpen guy like Antonio Alfonseca, Latroy Hawkins, Bobby Howrie, Scott Eyre or Kevin Gregg?
  • Wearing a pitch on the ass is relatively painless…I’d hope he would get his somewhere else.


  • Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air!
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