Yes indeedy, this is the very last GirlieView before the first Spring Training game! Let’s toast! It is Friday after all!

In the spirit of getting ourselves ready for a season of glorious debate (and to help get the remaining kinks worked out of the site so Joe can be sure all commentary, email alerts, and RSS feeds are working), let’s have ourselves a little weekend chat about the team. Two questions for all of you:

1. What are your three favorite things about the Cubs this year?

2. What three things make you cringe about the Cubs this year?

My three favorite things are:

1. MB/KG/AH/AM gone (I’ve written this before. And before that. And before that yet again).
2. The new owners.
3. Geovany Soto (having precious little to do with baseball, I must bashfully admit).

My three cringe-worthy things are:

1. No Ramirez backup (or, weak at best).
2. Soriano.
3. I just don’t think this is the team to get it done. But maybe that’s a good thing. Who was it a few weeks back who said maybe it’s best that we have low expectations, because we had high expectations last year and look where that got us? (jswanson? daver?)

In any event, I’d love to hear your thoughts. And, whether you post or not, have a great weekend!


  • Soriano knees fans in the “worry groin”
  • How sweet would it be to steal an arm from St. Louis and turn him into something productive?
  • I can’t think of anything Lizzie-worthy to say, so I’ll just say thanks for the effort.
  • I quickly told her that I already knew what it felt like.

Special category of Lizzies this week, we’ll call them BQYNS (rhymes with sequins) … Best Quotes You Never Saw … for two comments that made me laugh out loud when I saw them in the feed but never did show up on the actual article page:

  • The worry groin is connected to the jaded femur and the pelvis of disgust.
  • Well, one thing will be better about Sori’s leg only being 80-85% … his signature hop-catches in left will be 15-20% less ridiculous looking.


  • Not wanting to take no for an answer, the guy then has the light-bulb come on upstairs (and probably downstairs as well if you know what I mean), and proceeds to offer my brother $20 to simply let him smell his feet.
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