So as we move even closer to Spring Training (and hopefully lots more conversation) I have a little survey for you on how I present the Lizzies. Those of you who have been around for awhile might remember they’ve been through some variations. I used to link to the source of each one, and I may have even credited the authors at one point. I’m not sure. Anyway here are your choices:

a.) as is … no links, no credit. You know who you are and what you said. Most of the regulars can tell who said everything anyway, names or no names!
b.) link to original article after each Lizzie in case you want to see where it came from.
c.) identify who said each quote (by screen name of course).
d.) b and c

And give me any justification you might have. I’ll probably use the justification more than the votes to make up my mind. I’m leaning a.)


  • Perhaps for desert you can stick spoons in cans of icing, or chilled lard lollipops.
  • I’m proud to report that I was munching on apples, pears, and bananas during the game. Very heart healthy.
  • I view the Sox as just another MLB team and really don’t attach much emotion to whether they win or lose.
  • It doesn’t provide a lot of hope and insurance if Geo falters in 2010.
  • Can’t imagine he makes too many handshake deals.
  • Wait, so that’s really your ass?
  • More correctly, that is my plumbers crack. Not an altogether picayune distinction.
  • Pet peeve- people who disagree with me, not because I am always right so much as they are obviously wrong.


  • Good god, can you not just stand in the box and take a few pitches?

P.S. Have a great week, and enjoy the Olympics!!

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