It’s Friday. As we wait for the Lizzies (which are the highlight of everyone’s day) to come out, I wanted to present to you a new feature called Funtastic Friday. What will in involve? I have no idea. Today’s edition presents a list of some of my pet peeves, sports related and non-sports related. Feel free to comment on this list with some of your own.


  • When people are late – It’s disrespectful to the people you’re scheduled to see and shows your lack of class. There really isn’t a good excuse for being late. Traffic jam? Should have left earlier. Woke up late because your alarm didn’t go off? Set two alarms. No excuse soothes my anger when people are late. I once heard the saying that said “If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late” My sentiments exactly.
  • When people are trying to talk to me while I’m on the phone – Are you that stupid that you can’t see the phone connected to my ear? Do you not realize that when it’s connected to my ear, it’s not for fun, but because someone is actually on the other end talking to me? We wouldn’t just walk up to someone and interrupt them when they were talking to someone face to face. Why do people feel it’s appropriate to interrupt just because they can’t see the other person in the conversation? This comes into play for me all the time at work. I’m on the phone with a patient and idiots come up and try writing me notes to ask me a question or just flat out just start talking. Then they have the balls to get mad at me for ignoring them.
  • When a team swings early in the count on all three outs of a 1-2-3 inning – You’re trying to beat that stud pitcher and every inning he goes is critical and what does your team do? Three straight outs on a grand total of 5 or 6 pitches? Good god, can you not just stand in the box, keep the baseball bat on your shoulder, and take a few pitches? Is it really that hard for a team to see at least 10 per inning? Absolutely mind boggling.
  • When girls complain about the toilet seat – I’ll start trying really hard to put the seat down when I’m done taking a leak if you’ll try really hard to remember to put it up for me when you’re done. Think about it. If you’re in a house with one bathroom and it’s you and a female, chances are that when one person is done it will be the other person’s turn to go next. It’s only fair, right? (Sorry Lizzie)
  • When the President is on every channel – Why can’t this be done like the Olympics and other sporting events like the Super Bowl. Networks bid for the rights to carry the event. Why can’t events like the State of the Union address be run in a similar manner? This would give me the other channels to watch while the speech is going on if I get bored with it.
  • When the idiot “know-it-all” is “teaching” his dumb friend about the game – I was in Baltimore watching the Rays play a few years ago. Side note: If you’ve not been to Camden Yards, you’re missing out. This moron sitting by us was going on and on to his ignorant buddy about the game of baseball, teaching him the ropes. Unfortunately he was spouting off so much incorrect garbage that I almost looked at his friend and unlearned him all the stuff that was just fed to him over the past two hours. Why do guys feel the need to try to impress with knowledge they don’t actually posses? Just watch the game and enjoy each others company.
  • When people talk during the previews and then the actual movie – Maybe I’m being a little anal about the previews idea, but I actually like seeing the previews to make a mental note of future movies I’d like to partake in. Why can’t people shut their yap when the lights go down. If you’ve got to, start making out if it will shut you up. This reminds me of the time my wife and I went to see Adam Sandler in ‘Click’, which is a movie my friend Ben said “changed his life”. During the movie, my wife and I sat in the back row, yet did not make out. All throughout the movie, four teenybopper girls ran their mouths and could care less about the movie. Finally, in a rather loud voice that causes quite a few folks to look back at us, I asked the girls if it was possible for them to speak a little louder because I was having trouble following their conversation over the movie. My wife proceeded to get embarrassed and question out loud (quietly) why I would do that, to which I answered her in a loud manner “because these idiots are too loud”.

OK, I’m done being a total tool and admitting my anger and frustration, but I feel better. Take the time to comment and present some of your nuggets as well. Happy Friday. Here’s hoping you win a Lizzard.

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