Hey, all. I’m declaring this a slow news day whether it turns out to be or not. While we continue to monitor the Theriot arbitration situation (comments this week from Cubs GM Jim Hendry make a hearing seem all the more likely), here are a few news items* to chew on – y’know, like shards of ice:

Mark Cuban comments on the Cubs sale.  And he implies the Ricketts overpaid while graciously wishing them the best. Sour grapes? Maybe. Or just a competitive guy being competitive. I’m still glad the team was purchased by genuine fans and fairly happy with the moves the Ricketts have made thus far. Speaking of which, Dave Kaplan (with whom I’ve had plenty of issues in the past – especially his treatment of Carlos Zambrano) gives a nice, updated rundown of the Wrigley upgrades here.

Ted Lilly is a wiffle ball master!  Check out this great profile of the Lillyhammer’s minor league days. Oh, and another thing Hendry commented on this week was Ted’s progress – that is, he’s still on track to pitch in late April/early May. I’m sticking to my plan to NOT panic about Lilly until I have a legit reason to.

Cubs prospects work out, endure, enjoy the Dominican Republic.  Another member of the mainstream media with whom I’ve taken issue with in the past is Carrie Muskat. But, again, giving credit where credit is due: Carrie does a great job in this article describing the experiences of Cubs’ prospects Brett Jackson (centerfielder of the future, please!) and James Adduci at the team’s Domincan Republic facility.

Dirty Dancy ready to bust a move in Tennessee. Who is Bill Dancy? Why he’s the manager of the Cubs’ AA affiliate, the Tennessee Smokies, and he’s not afraid to fill the shoes of Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg. He’s ready to play some baseball! I love these local color articles.

Class of ’06 update: Jacque Jones.  I trust you remember Jacque? Killer of a thousand outfield gophers. Actually a pretty solid bat in 2006. Winner of the tough-it-out award in 2007. Well, he’s been signed to a minor league deal by the team with which he truly had his greatest success: the Minnesota Twins. Hard to imagine he’ll actually see major league action, but I get the impression he’s still pretty beloved up there and it’s nice to see him get a (probably) last hurrah shot like this. Current Twins centerfielder Denard Span even mentioned on Twitter  that he considers Jacque one of his original mentors.

*As always, click on the bolded text leading off each paragraph for more info.


Update: The Cubs have released ticket pricing info for the 2010 season here.

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