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In the News: Mesa headed to victory (and Nady’s a Cub!)

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

 Hotel Arizona, made us all wanna feel like stars

Rental cars and tinted windows, leave another number for me

~ Wilco, “Hotel Arizona”

Good day, Cubs fans. There’s not a lot going on news-wise – well, except for one big story that relates to something that’s probably on all of our minds and, thankfully, edging ever closer. Yes, I’m talking about spring training. Stuff is happening! Let’s get to today’s stories*:

Mesa City Council pitches shutout. In a 7-0 vote, the City Council of Mesa, Ariz. approved the deal that would build a new Cubs spring training city as well as a shopping district to be dubbed “Wrigleyville West” in that wild and crazy town. All that’s left now is for the Cubs to sign off, which apparently they’ve already agreed to do. As someone not really able to attend spring training games, I’ve had no great stake in this drama. But I’m happy for the City of Mesa and pleased to see the Cubs will likely honor their long history in that region.

Chan Ho Park on the Cubs’ radar. As this MLBTR post elucidates, Jon Heyman tweeted yesterday that the Cubs and Rays are looking at former Phillies reliever Chan Ho Park as a (presumably) bullpen addition. Park looked pretty good in the postseason last year and was better in relief than as a starter. I guess the Cubs could do worse than sign him to a relatively cheap one-year deal. He seems like a good guy.

Mr. Jonny Gomes, please take your place in line. Because I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the ongoing search for a fourth outfielder, the (relatively) latest name to enter the fray is free agent Jonny Gomes, last seen slugging for our division rival Cincinnati Reds. He put up some pretty fine offensive numbers for Dusty’s boys last season and would definitely bring the scrap factor that the Cubs would be losing with the departing Reed Johnson. Downside: His defense is apparently not too good, and he couldn’t spell DLee at first base.

UPDATE:     Bruce Levine reports a decision regarding the Cubs’ fourth outfielder is “imminent.” Gomes, Nady, Johnson and Dye are the reported frontrunners.

UPDATE:       Yahoo!’s Tim Brown just tweeted the Cubs have come to terms with Xavier Nady, pending a physical!!! Multiple sources have confirmed the prospective deal. Jon Heyman just tweeted dollar amount: “$3.3 mil guaranteed plus $2 mil in incentives based on games played.”

Ben Sheets update. Looks like the Oakland A’s are closing in.

UPDATE:’s Jon Heyman just tweeted that the A’s have indeed signed Ben Sheets for $8 $10 million.

Mr. Cub is lookin’ for Sammy. In a somewhat odd story revealed this week, Ernie Banks went looking for Sammy Sosa in the Dominican Republic last year. Mr. Cub wanted to personally ask Sosa to come clean on his alleged steroid use in hopes of returning to Wrigley as a sort of Prodigal Son. Sammy was out of the country at the time, so the meeting never happened. But Banks is sticking to his call for Sosa to clear the air regarding his ‘roid usage.

The USA Today Team Report is out! (Repeat.) The lead section discusses the Cubs’ prospective 2010 lineup. It seems pretty certain at this point that Kosuke and Theriot will be at the top; DLee, Aramis and Byrd in the middle; and Soriano, Baker and Soto rounding out the bottom. Although I still have concerns about batting Theriot that high in the order, I can accept that lineup to start off with.

*As always, the bolded phrases leading off each paragraph are hyperlinks to be clicked upon with great relish.

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Tyler Walker

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Today it was announced that Tyler Walker signed with the Nats for less than a million a year. Look at this guys stats – what am I missing? He’s had three superlative years against batters at both the AAA and Major League levels and the Nats got him at bargain basement prices. That could have been a late inning guy, is there something the Cubs know that the Nats don’t?

Everybody knows that the Cubs are looking for a 7th or 8th inning right hander, why not sign a guy under a million with Walker’s numbers? Pity that we didn’t.

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What Is He Reading, Now?

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

The title of this book is “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today”, with text by Steve Johnson. It was first published in 2008.

Let’s start with the front cover. The lower photo, which I assume was taken from a luxury box, is of Wrigley Field during a game, with the stands filled, under a clear blue sky.

The upper photo, thanks to modern technology, appears to show a color image of Carlos Zambrano (from 2007) pitching to a black and white image of Joe Tinker (from 1910).

I have to tell you, when I received this book, which was provided to me by Voyageur Press (, I thought: “WOW !! – Look at these pictures!”

Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines “coffee table book” as: “a large, lavishly produced book with many illustrations and, often, an inferior text, especially one regarded as being for ostentatious display, as on a coffee table.”

Make no mistake about it, “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today” could sit very well on a coffee table, where it might serve to alleviate boredom and inspire conversation. It is oversized and visually oriented. It contains beautiful (stunning, even) photographs and illustrations. And it is a well constructed, hardcover book.

But “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today” does not approach its subject superficially. Steve Johnson’s text is detailed and in depth, worthy of more than just a light read. I learned a lot reading the text in this book. And it was fun.

My dad, (The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan), looked the book over and said: “This looks like a good book.” I asked him: “What is it that you like about it?” He replied: “It’s good because it’s modern and old”.

As usual, he hit the nail on the head.

This book is a loving look at almost 140 years of Cubs history. We’re treated to a review of the players, position by position. We also see fans, ball parks, owners and managers, and other topics of interest to members of Cubs Nation.

I enjoyed reading and looking at “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today”. I recommend it very highly, especially to Cubs fans of all stripes.

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Yikes!!! Soriano Better Be Glad He’s Not An Angel

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Unable to find regular playing time for Gary Matthews Jr., the Los Angeles Angels traded the outfielder to the New York Mets on Friday and agreed to pay $21.5 million as part of the deal.Los Angeles received right-handed reliever Brian Stokes, a native Californian, in exchange for Matthews, who had slumped for three straight seasons since signing a $50 million, five-year contract.

Matthews is owed salaries of $11 million this year and $12 million in 2011, plus a $500,000 bonus for getting traded. The Mets will pay just $1 million per season, and the Angels will give New York money to cover the remainder of the salary plus the bonus.

The Associated Press via ESPN

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GirlieView (01/22/2010)

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Big long 2 week break for Lizzie. Here’s the story, for those of you who missed me. :-) It’s long.

Four+ years ago when we built our house in a brand new subdivision everyone was friendly because we were all new to the area, around the same age and place in life, etc. Everyone was on their best behavior as we all met our new neighbors! One night over a few beers our next-door neighbors told another couple that when they got peeved at their neighbors in their old subdivision, they got back at them by putting in a work order to have their cable disconnected, then sent them 20 pizzas from the local delivery place. They got a big kick out of themselves. The others just shrugged. Who are we to say that we stopped doing that kind of stuff back when we were 12. We were on our best behavior!!!

Shoot forward four years. We’re no longer on our best behavior. We’re not all friends anymore. True colors have shown through the initial niceties. We yelled at our next door neighbor’s 14-year old for kicking their epileptic dog in the head, after which the mother told us to mind our own business since “he’s ONLY 14!!!” Huh? I can teach a 3 year old not to kick a dog. Needless to say we don’t speak to our next-door neighbors any longer. We are on their sh*t list. But anyway enough of that, that’s all just background.

Shoot forward again to last Thursday night. We spot a Comcast truck between our house and theirs. Didn’t think much of it, figured they were having internet problems. Lo and behold, Friday morning we have no internet. Comcast can’t come back out til late Saturday. Whatddya know, ours was disconnected! Fix-it guy couldn’t explain how that “accidentally” happened.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm …….

Does this relate at all to Cubs baseball? Nope. Not a whit. I took a week off from the GirlieView while I waited for it to be fixed. Which just gives me more commentary to report on this week! Let’s get to it!


  • The cubs are probably a second place club right now.
  • i guess it’s like a tallest midget contest daver. not much to choose from in this town.
  • did Barry or Sammy ever ask you for advice on how to get rid of that pesky acne?
  • Apparently, Jim Hendry didn’t offer Spears a contract, which is odd because Nate is, y’know, a second baseman.
  • there is nothing better than an afternoon of baseball
  • Oh, let me go check my mailbox…… invitation must be held up at the post office.
  • Matt “Ol’ Something Eyes” Sinatro
  • Doesn’t he at least merit a few boy scouts and maybe a brownie or two?
  • mmmmm, brownies….in a non-pedophile way of course….strictly food.
  • Pat is great, a true professional.
  • I think it would take even more Zen-like wisdom to deal with Judd “I CAN’T CONTROL THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE” Sirott.
  • Maybe if we go in expecting nothing more than a decent, slightly-above-.500 team, we’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Alllllllllllrighty then.
  • the Cubs have hired a full-time nutritionist to help prepare the team’s meals.
  • That nutritionist has his work cut out for him… Silva is listed as 250lbs, but I’d wager he is closer to 350.
  • On the other hand, Theriot and Fontenot can fill up on half-portions, so he’s got that goin’ for him.
  • 2 McNuggets a piece…wonder who gets the Happy Meal toy?
  • I think the Mariners get the happy meal toys.


  • I expect Sosa will admit to it five days from now, but will say he used four fewer steroids…

Have a great week!

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