For some reason I’m finding this to be the most baseball-boring time of year this year. My #1 and #2 teams are in the Super Bowl so I’m not bored there, but baseball is putting me to sleep! Thought I might stir up some conversation about the lineup. I won’t take any offense if y’all are as bored as me and don’t much care, but we’ll give it a try!!

It’s been widely publicized that Lou’s lineup will look something like this:

1/2: Some ordering of Fukudome/Theriot
3/4/5: Some ordering of Ramirez/Lee/Byrd
6/7/8: Some ordering of Soto/Soriano/Font’nBake

But what would your lineup look like, if you were Lou? No need to stick with these exact players … if you’d rather a different starter or two feel free to include. Hope to hear some interesting suggestions!


  • And don’t you stomp out any fires on your front stoop.
  • or some reason I just don’t see Alf turning it around in 2010 and I can envision Uncle Lou telling him to ‘grab some bench Meat.’
  • Laughed out loud today when I heard that the CARDINALS signed Rich Hill.
  • Until Sori’s hammy gives up or Nady’s arm falls off at the elbow…
  • Chan Ho Park (I rarely (read: never) justify the Lizzies but I feel this one deserves an explanation. Every time one of you mentions this guy, I think you’re talking about HoHoKam Park (spring training) and it takes me a minute to straighten myself out. So now it gives me a giggle. Not to mention the pickins are slim this week!)
  • Whose head is it anyway?
  • we just have to hope Theriot can regain some of the OBP he lost in ‘09 and Blanco can continue being his ace glove-man backup.


  • He replied: “It’s good because it’s modern and old”.

P.S. Where’s Matt? Where’s Kris? Where’s Dave L? Where’s Sherm? Where’s Rob? Pipe up guys, it’s almost time to start arguing! And you’re fixtures in my Lizzies, I need you. At least let us know you’re out there, even if you’ve got nothing to say. :-)

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