The title of this book is “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today”, with text by Steve Johnson. It was first published in 2008.

Let’s start with the front cover. The lower photo, which I assume was taken from a luxury box, is of Wrigley Field during a game, with the stands filled, under a clear blue sky.

The upper photo, thanks to modern technology, appears to show a color image of Carlos Zambrano (from 2007) pitching to a black and white image of Joe Tinker (from 1910).

I have to tell you, when I received this book, which was provided to me by Voyageur Press (, I thought: “WOW !! – Look at these pictures!”

Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines “coffee table book” as: “a large, lavishly produced book with many illustrations and, often, an inferior text, especially one regarded as being for ostentatious display, as on a coffee table.”

Make no mistake about it, “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today” could sit very well on a coffee table, where it might serve to alleviate boredom and inspire conversation. It is oversized and visually oriented. It contains beautiful (stunning, even) photographs and illustrations. And it is a well constructed, hardcover book.

But “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today” does not approach its subject superficially. Steve Johnson’s text is detailed and in depth, worthy of more than just a light read. I learned a lot reading the text in this book. And it was fun.

My dad, (The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan), looked the book over and said: “This looks like a good book.” I asked him: “What is it that you like about it?” He replied: “It’s good because it’s modern and old”.

As usual, he hit the nail on the head.

This book is a loving look at almost 140 years of Cubs history. We’re treated to a review of the players, position by position. We also see fans, ball parks, owners and managers, and other topics of interest to members of Cubs Nation.

I enjoyed reading and looking at “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today”. I recommend it very highly, especially to Cubs fans of all stripes.

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I'm a third generation cubs fan, living in southeastern Wisconsin.