Spring has sprung! What’s that? Check my calendar? Hey, when the temperature is above 30 in Chicago in January, I get spring fever. And with PCR (Pitchers and Catchers Report) Day about a month way, I feel like we’re going into the off-season home stretch here. Anyway, here are some hot Cubs-related news items* to warm your grubby hands to:

You can…putitintherumormill…eeeeYES! Paul Sullivan reports that the Cubs are considering former White Sox right fielder to fill their (as I see it) last remaining roster spot. I’ve generally been against this idea when it’s come up before (I think Jon Heyman suggested it once), but Dye did slug pretty well last season. It appears he was just so God awful on defense that his WAR sunk to negative levels. Could the Cubs mitigate that by playing him in right field only against left-handed pitchers and otherwise using him as a first base backup and pinch hitter? Maybe. I assume this would be only a one-year, fairly cheap deal. Thoughts?

Also check out the video of Cubs manager Lou Piniella waxing philosophic on the team’s 2010 season. He looks like he’s kept himself in pretty good shape in the off-season. Let’s hope Zambrano, Soriano, et al. have done the same.

Start spreadin’ the news…Matt Sinatro out, former Cubs SS Ivan DeJesus in. The Cubs made a coaching change yesterday, replacing Matt “Ol’ Something Eyes” Sinatro with Ivan DeJesus at first base. Sinatro will remain on in an administrative role. No word on why the change was made, but Sinatro has reportedly had some knee surgeries as of late.

Ben Sheets update. Cubs scouts will watch Ben throw next week at the University of Louisiana. There have been rumblings in the Twitterverse that Sheets is asking too much money for the Cubs to consider him. But time will tell whether his price comes down. I’m still wondering whether Greg  Maddux could play a role here, but maybe I’m getting too caught up on that angle.

The Spring Training schmoozefest is drawing to a conclusion. It’s hard to say exactly when. I’ve come across several articles giving differing deadlines for when the Cubs brass will make a decision. So I decided to go conservative and post this USA Today article that reports the choice will be made “within the month.”

Randy Wells wins award for his charitable efforts. How cool is this? The Cubs “outta nowhere” young phenom starting pitcher (wow, that’s a lot of adjectives) has been named St. Louis Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s 2009 Rookie of the Year. Well at least someone gave him that award.

The Cubs Convention is this weekend! The Cubs Convention is this weekend! Any loyal VFTBers going? I won’t be in attendance – haven’t quite crossed that line in my Cubs fandom yet. But I’ll trying to catch some of the radio, TV and, of course, Internet coverage. Click the preceding bolded text for the complete schedule.

*As always, the bolded phrases leading off each paragraph are links to news stories.

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