Today Mark McGwire* finally came clean about steroid use. In a public statement he admitted using PEDs during the 1998 70 home run season as well as others. Said McGwire: “I wish I had never touched steroids…it was foolish and it was a mistake. I truly apologize. Looking back, I wish I had never played during the steroid era.”

I’m very inclined to forgive Mark for his transgressions, he certainly wasn’t the only one. Do I respect him more as a man and a baseball player? Absolutely, my sense is that most Americans don’t like liars but their inherent instinct is to forgive a man who admits his faults. I’m glad that McGwire is returning to the game he loves and wish him well in his coaching career and other endeavors.

That having been said I’m still adamantly opposed to players who have been incriminated using steroids entering the Hall of Fame. It diminishes the accomplishments of other players who did it with blood, sweat and effort and nothing else. And for guys like Barry Bonds*, Roger Clemens*, Sammy Sosa*, Rafael Palmiero* etc. who can’t man up and admit their mistakes? Hopefully one day if their luck runs out they can have successful careers as hotel greeters but I certainly wouldn’t want to shake their hands.

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