Happy Snow Day, Cubs fans! (Any of you in warm-weather climates must still recognize this as a Snow Day, because I insist you share in our misery – at least in spirit.) I’m tempted to say that the news is slow today but, obviously, there’s one huge story that we’re all celebrating (or most of us, at least.) Yes, I’m referring to the fact that the Yankees have re-signed former Cubs pitcher Sergio Mitre. Oh, and there was something else…

Andre Dawson is a Hall of Famer! Yes, in case you’ve been huddled in your underground snow shelter for the past 24 hours, be advised that No. 8, the Hawk, who played for the Cubs for six years (1987-1992), will soon be enshrined in baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Dawson’s victory was based on a 77.9% voting percentage, and he was the only candidate voted in. Here’s Phil Rogers’ take on the blessed event. (Please note: The bold phrases leading off each paragraph are LINKS to news stories.)

The battle of the cap. Now that Andre is in, the biggest question (besides whether he’ll go all Sandberg in his acceptance speech) is which cap the Hawk will wear in Cooperstown: Expos or Cubs? This MLB.com article explores the issue.

The Spring Training schmoozefest is headed to a stunning conclusion. Someone place has got to win, someone place has got to lose. It still looks like either Mesa re-ups or Naples, Fla. scores a huge economic win. Bruce Levine sums up the current situation rather nicely in this article.

Can we just pretend Marlon Byrd is a left-handed hitter? That’s what this USA Today  fantasy baseball writer suggests. And it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Look, I’d love to have, say, Adrian Gonzalez breaking up the middle of the Cubs order. But Byrd’s splits against RHP make him appear a fairly effective hitter against the scores of righties in the Big Leagues. Sometimes it’s better to stock your lineup with the best hitters you possibly can rather than take a long shot on a guy who happens to hit from the left side (cough, cough – Rick Ankiel – cough, cough).

The Cardinals will be paying Matt Holliday until 2029. Seriously. Well, maybe. That’s what SI.com is reporting anyway. This isn’t cast in stone as the team hasn’t officially disclosed the financial details of the detail. But this whopper of a contract could give St. Louis monetary indigestion in coming years. Baseball biz analyst Maury Brown tweeted today, “So Cardinals get Holliday wrapped up. Next, Pujols. After that? Zero payroll flexibility. Not expecting competitive team in few years.” So we may have that to look forward to, Cubs fans. Sadly, in the meantime, St. Louis will likely have a pretty good ballclub for the next couple seasons or so. As I mentioned last time, don’t be surprised to see the Cards picked as the ’10 NL Central frontrunner.

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