My brother’s favorite player growing up was the Hawk. As I was first really being able to watch and understand baseball, Andre Dawson had just become a Cub, and would end up (wrongly) winning the MVP. He was a joy to watch, and he was a very good baseball player. But is very good good enough to be in the Hall of Fame?

Here are some very sobering stats from Baseball Crank:

Dawson’s critical weakness is his poor on base percentage, uniquely among all comparable sluggers: his OBP rates 44th of 45 players w/400 HR (ahead of only Dave Kingman), 50th of 50 w/1500 RBI, and 75th of 76 w/4000 TB (ahead of only Brooks Robinson). Dawson was, simply, a uniquely easy out among sluggers.

Quite frankly, among sluggers, there was no one easier to get out than Andre Dawson.

Don’t get me wrong – Dawson was great defensively, and a good hitter. And I know this is probably sacrilegious as a Cubs fan to say this, but I am just not convinced that a guy who was so easy to get out should be in the Hall of Fame.

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