Today Rotoworld intimated that the Cubs were floating Carlos Zambrano in trade talks, they later modified their article to say that Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman had asked about Zambrano, both articles – both entries indicated that the chances of Z waiving his no trade clause were slim to none.

That notwithstanding it amuses me that people are talking about trading Zambrano again. Admittedly he had an offseason and didn’t deliver the goods in 2009; he had more distracting episodes as well. But does that mean the Cubs should put him on the market? Methinks not, unless of course it is a blockbuster trade that includes Soriano for all of some team’s top prospects. But they’d have to be some pretty awesome prospects. Here’s the reality of our situation – Zambrano is a constant for our pitching staff, he’s the anchor of the rotation. When he’s in good form he’s a dominating influence on the game with both his arm and his bat. I’m looking for a rebound year for Carlos this year but I’d also be interested to hear from those readers that disagree.

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