Greetings, Cubs fans, and welcome to “In the News” with the Daver. Yes, at Joe’s suggestion, I’ve decided to rename my bi-weekly (er so) posts to make the headlines pop a little more. Plus, “Morning News With the Daver” may not have made much sense to many of you slackers anyway, considering you don’t get up before noon. Yeah, I said it.

Anyway, with Milton finally in our collective past, I’d guess the biggest “about to happen” Cubs news stories are: a) Marlon Byrd signed to play centerfield, and b) Matt Capps signed for the bullpen. Sure, I could be wrong on either (or both) counts, but that’s the scuttlebutt on Twitter (Twitterbutt?) and both developments feel pretty likely to me – especially now that the Yankees have traded Melky Cabrera (and others) for Javier Vazquez. We shall see. That bit of Daver-based speculation aside, let’s get to the news:

Giving Milton the last word. I’m assuming most of us have soaked in and sweated out all the vitriolic Bradley-Silva trade coverage by now. But, to give us all a little bit of closure, I suggest taking a Zen approach and letting Milton have the last word. Bruce Miles gives a clear, concise recap of what Bradley said in his trade-announcement conference call. And with that, the story is over.

Ryan Dempster has started a charitable foundation. As noted in last week’s news, Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster’s baby daughter, Riley, was born with DiGeorge Syndrome. Ryan and his wife, Jenny, have formed a foundation to combat the syndrome as well as help fund other charitable causes. Check out this great profile by George Castle.

Cubs in on Cuban lefty fireballer. Aroldis Chapman is a recent defector from Cuba who throws from the left side of the mound at 95+ MPH. I failed to mention the Cubs interest in him last week because, well, I sincerely doubted the team’s financial capacity to sign him. But it does appear the Cubs are in on the bidding, so file his name away for future reference. (Bear in mind, however, that Phil Rogers wrote this story.) For some reason, I have a feeling Chapman may end up a closer. No idea why.

Mesa supporters feeling good. The spring training saga wears on. A group of businessfolk from Mesa, Ariz. met with Cubs officials last week, and they like their chances of retaining the team’s spring training activities.

The new USA Today Team Report is out! The new USA Today Team Report is out! You’d think I’d get a free subscription out of doing this or something. Seriously, give it a read.

It’s back…back…back…HEY! HEY! Yes, the Jack Brickhouse statue that mysteriously disappeared from outside the WGN peep-show studio on Michigan Ave. has been refurbished and returned to its rightful place amongst shoppers, sidewalk marketeers and sad-sack working slobs like me.

Fisted foul…and CAUGHT! for a new job. In other former Cubs broadcaster news, Chip Caray will resume his fanfistic play-by-play for the Atlanta Braves next season. First they lose Vazquez and now this.

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