Periodically we stray off topic here at VTFB and I’m certainly no exception. I try to make my posts specific to Chicago sports and it’s likely that most of us are very disappointed in terms of this year’s Bears team. We came into the season hoping for a chance to contend for a Super Bowl; during the offseason the team went out and got a bonafide quarterback and it also appeared that the team had acquired a decent left tackle. Later on in the season Angelo struck again when he traded a second round pick for a defensive lineman with unfulfilled promise.

Now we are looking at a team with a 5-9 team whose quarterback leads the league in interceptions. The erstwhile left tackle looks to be headed toward retirement and there are still a lot of questions regarding Adams and his future with the Bears. Many of us are calling for a clean sweep of the Bears management – Angelo, Lovie Smith and Ron Turner are probably all cooking at home lest they show their faces in Chicago’s restaurants. Jay Cutler sometimes gets his hair cut at the Oxford Barber Shop which is also where I get mine buzzed; I hope I don’t run into him this offseason because I don’t want to say something rude (let it suffice to say that I don’t get mine cut the same way.)

Jay and four other Bears are former Vanderbilt Commodores, as a graduate of that fine university I wish them all well. But I’m truly ashamed of Jay’s lack of maturity and horrible 2009 season. Right now there are 28 reasons why I regret the trade for Cutler – Knowshon Moreno, Kyle Orton, the Bears’ 2010 first round draft pick and the rest are interceptions. I see Vince Young every week and he has acquired some touch – instead of throwing bullets to the Titans’ receivers his passes have a little arc and they are soft balls to catch. Cutler throws fastballs that often bounce off of his receivers and result in interceptions. This year he’s shown all the promise that Bobby Douglas showed when he first came up with the Bears; the fundamental difference being that Bobby didn’t throw 25 interceptions in 14 games and at least he could run the ball. Can Cutler improve? I seriously hope so, he has the talent but the rest is up to him.

The Bears have plenty o’ fish to fry in the offseason; they have glaring needs on the offensive line and they will likely part ways with Brian Urlacher. Their defense also has some areas for improvement and they are going to have to make things happen without a first or second round draft pick. I would like to see Angelo, Smith and Turner gone after the 16th game is completed; this way the Bears will hopefully have a management team in place prior to the 2010 entry draft. While management changes in and of themselves won’t fix the Bears’ maladies they will send a clear and unmistakable message to the team and to the fans. The time for change has come and the trajectory for the team is presently pointing in the wrong direction.

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