Today, my Blackberry (which came back to life about 2:16 this morning, thanks RIM) is all a-Twitter with the latest Milton Bradley news. In case you haven’t heard (how is that possible?) he’s headed to Seattle for a guy named Carlos Silva. Who the hell is Carlos Silva? I don’t really care. He’s the guy who allowed us to get rid of Bradley. So he’s good enough for me. Which I know will not sit well with some of my esteemed colleagues, but that’s what makes this so much fun! (Disclaimer: I did not and still do not think Bradley was anywhere near the Cubs’ biggest problem in 2009. And I surely don’t think his departure insures a positive 2010. But I also don’t think there was any way for him to turn successful in Chicago and for that reason, he needed to go.)

Incidentally from what I’ve read our new acquisition is no prize, so don’t get excited. But the Cubs need a fresh start and so does Silva. So maybe it will be good if only for that reason. Also we have a few other Carlos’ that will no doubt garner much more attention. As the third Carlos (behind a head case and a potential head case) he may be able to fade to the background a bit. And we got some cash. That was a shocker! So, I look upon all of this positively. Then again I look at everything positively. So there you go. Merry Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas I’m sure Joe will allow me the holiday off next Friday, so we’ll catch y’all in 2010 with a full two-weeks-worth of Lizzies for your New Year’s Day entertainment. Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! :-)


  • We’re talking about Ryan Garko and Garrett Atkins. This off-season is a big fat turd.
  • Warning: Whether male or female, you may also sprout a reddish goatee.
  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really frustrated watching the moves the Brewers are making, and even the White Sox.
  • On an entirely unrelated note, pigs were noted to be flying in the sky over Chicago today……
  • Swine flew?
  • The air temp is too cold for a pig to gain lift today. Those reports are unfounded.
  • going from having “Milton Bradley” in the outfield to “Coco Crisp” is just too rich for my blood. Maybe they could pick up a guy named “Matchbox” or “Lego.”
  • I’ve heard Hendry is in discussions to sign Lincoln Logs.
  • Maybe Soriano could try hitting with one of those next season.


  • When you get dealt an unexpected lemon, you make lemonade.
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