The pilot light on our hot stove appears to be broken so perhaps it’s time to bust out the old debate post about non-sports content. What better way to bring that heat and maybe get people talking? Like last time, let’s have a meaningful discussion without personal attacks on someone’s thoughts or beliefs. If we stick to that, things like this become profitable for all parties. Stick to your guns, but be at least open to hearing the other side’s arguments about the point. A wise man considers all sides. Oh, and if you want no part of this, I’ve included a Who Am I post at the end.

TOPIC: The concept of government run retirement savings is something that should be required for all citizens.

Note: We’re not talking about the current system, but rather the idea that the government should make saving for retirement mandatory and should be in charge of running it. If you take the approach of ‘Yes’, then present the basic idea of how the system would look. If you take the ‘No’ approach, explain why you feel that way. What part of the concept has you taking that approach?


Clue # 1 – I lost 20+ games in a season as a starting pitcher twice in my career, while also winning 20+ once.

Clue # 2 – I played on the lowest winning % team in Cub history

Clue # 3 – My Topps baseball card was issued with my info on the back, but the picture of a deceased player on the front by mistake.

Clue # 4 – I led the Cubs in wins for a particular decade that I played in.

Who Am I?

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