This offseason has been a little different that what Cubs fans have been used to. The normal post-season period is typically one of hope, one wonders what the team will do to add to the team’s capabilities. This year most of the attention has been on what the team will subtract. And if that’s an eight hundred pound gorilla then voila. Everyone knows the deal, we’re talking about a guy that has a people problem. He can play ball but do you really want that guy in your clubhouse?

So let’s face it, the 2010 Cubs will not be fundamentally different from the 2009 team. The team has too many long term contracts to make fundamental changes; in fact the team is now at the crossroads where it will have to let some marginal players go because they are due raises. Did we all yell “yea” when Soriano was signed? How did we feel when Ramirez and Zambrano were re-signed…did we complain when Fukudome was signed for four years? Now is when it’s time to pay the piper, we’re gonna have to play the cards we’ve been dealt.

Fortunately we have decent pitching and some role players that don’t cost much. And the competition is in much the same position, they’ve got a guy by the name of Pujols and another named Carpenter they have to pay. This year will be a question of how certain non-performers (Geovany Soto, Mike Fontenot, Soriano and Bradley) perform. They’ll either rebound or it will be 2002 all over again.

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