G’morning, Cubs fans. It’s time for some news you can use to beat the winter blues. So without further adieu…s:

Buh-bye, Mike Cameron. Looks like the AL East is about to screw us again. According to Brewers beat reporter Adam McCalvy, the Red Sox have a tentative two-year deal in place for centerfielder Mike Cameron. First Granderson, now this. In my humble opinion, Cameron was the Cubs best available option for centerfield. A two-year deal like this would’ve made a nice bridge to, we hope, strong prospect Brett Jackson making the Bigs in 2012. Alas, it appears not to be. Look for Hendry to go hard at Marlon Byrd now.

Update: Per Ken Rosenthal’s Twitter page, Cameron’s deal is indeed for two years but in the “$15.5 million range.” That was probably too rich for the Cubs constrained budget.

Capps wants Cubs but many offers on the table. Pirates closer Matt Capps had a rough ’09, but he had two great years before that. Following his nontender, the Cubs were among several teams to look into the right-hander. Bruce Miles mentioned on his blog yesterday that Hendry would likely offer Capps a one-year deal, which might be easy for another team to beat.

Bradley-for-Burrell update. Because, sadly, talking Cubs news without mentioning Milton Bradley remains impossible, here’s the (relative) latest on the moribund Rays deal. This Tampa writer puts the odds at 50-50. Not good.

Got a couple of million dollars lying around? Why not make a bid on Ryan Dempster’s mansion? I understand that you become 30% funnier just crossing the threshold. And if you spend enough time in the upstairs lavatory, you’ll freakishly develop the ability to throw a nasty splitter. (Warning: Whether male or female, you may also sprout a reddish goatee.)

Sweet Lou goes to school. Some lucky Glen Ellyn tyke wrote his way into Lou’s heart, bringing the Cubs skipper out for a personal visit. When other contest entrants complained, Lou simply shrugged and said, “Look, what do you want me to do?”

The new USA Today Team Report is out! The new USA Today Team Report is out! Hendry postulates on when a deal (of some sort or another) might be made. Oh, and it looks like Theriot in the leadoff spot in ’10. That makes the bunny cry.

We! Are! Marshall! No, he is Marshall. Sean Marshall. Nice profile on cubs.com. I’ve always liked Sean a lot.

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