Good mornin’ (or whatever time of day it happens to be when you read this), Cubs fans. Well, you’d think it being the fourth day of Winter Meetings, there’d be a surplus of news items to issue forth. But, alas, when it comes to our beloved Chicago Cubs, there has been very little movement.

As of this writing, we still await a resolution to the Miltonian Dilemma. Rumors continue to swirl. (Mike Lowell? Really?) Talks continue to occur (reportedly, at least). And I still think that Jim Hendry is ultimately going to have to go limping back to the Tampa Bay Rays, graciously take Pat Burrell off their hands and try not to burst into tears agreeing to pay all of Bradley’s 2011 salary. Here’s hoping I’m wrong. Oh, and here’s the news:

Rich Harden is a Ranger! No, not an airborne ranger! Not even a Power Ranger. He’s a Texas Ranger! Wow, seriously? The guy who likes to pitch in cool temps, preferably at night, is going to Arlington? The guy who had major problems with the home run ball last season will be starting games in one of the most hitter-friendly parks in baseball? Was the deal the Mariners reportedly offered really that bad, Rich? And, man, that $7.5 base figure sounds pretty low. Could the Cubs have swung that and still afforded a decent centerfielder? Probably not. Well, in any case, good luck. I’ll still miss watching you pitch. You are a true enigma.

The Cubs have chosen a Cardinal in the Rule 5 draft! Ha, take that, Deadbirds! He’s a right-handed pitcher by the name of Mike Parisi. Right now, that link goes to Paul Sullivan’s Twitter page, but I’ll try to update it with a more informative article once one comes out. Update: Better yet, see Joe’s post above!!!

The Cubs will not release Milton Bradley. I found this quote issued by Cubs president Crane Kenney yesterday fascinating. Now I realize everyone even remotely interested in Major League Baseball is aware the Cubs are trying to trade Milton, but Kenney really made sure any small percentage of leverage the team may have had was killed dead. Wonderful.

Milton has a fan on the South Side. Could the “mystery AL team” that everyone has been talking about be the Chicago White Sox? Well, no – probably not, considering Sox GM Kenny Williams is openly discussing Bradley. But ol’ KW sure has some nice things to say about the right fielder.

Still following the Spring Training Schmoozefest? Expect an answer in January. Until then, Mesa is upgrading, Naples is jockeying for position, etc. etc.

Go ice skating at Wrigley this month. Yes, the Cubs have confirmed that an ice-skating rink will be built in a parking lot adjacent to Wrigley Field. I haven’t strapped on a pair of skates since my mom forced me and my siblings to take figure skating lessons back in the early 80s. (Hey, she wouldn’t let me play hockey. I tried.) Assuming the temperature is above its current sub-arctic levels, this sounds like a good time.

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