Hello, Cubs fans. Well, if you thought Tuesday was a slow news day, get a hold of today’s batch of Cubs-related items. We’ve got one catcher with an afflicted hand (and a good heart), another with a lot of tattoos and a pitcher with a cranky shoulder (no, not that one). We’ve got some other stuff, too. Read on:

Cubs backup catcher Koyie Hill to host charity event in Wichita, Kan. Koyie’s “Big Wish” gala for the Make-a-Wish foundation will take place at the Hartman Arena at 6 pm. (So if you happen to be in the area…) Hill’s sometime battery mate Ryan Dempster is slated to make an appearance.

Florida’s governor throws hat into spring training schmooze-off. Earlier this week, Governor Charlie Grist spoke out in (what else?) support of the Cubs moving to the Sunshine State for spring training. New owner Tom Ricketts made a statement, too.
Norman Rockwell paints the corner – I mean, canvas. And one of said paintings featuring some dejected Chicago Cubs players has sold for nearly $700,000. We’re supposed to laugh about the painting because, y’know, we lose all the time.

Former Cub Hank White will probably be a Met next season. Henry Blanco is nearing a deal with the New York Mets to be their backup catcher. I swear it looked like Henry was on the verge of retirement in ’08. Amazing the way ol’ ballplayers hang on. I wish him the best.

Granderson, Milton, blahblahblah. Phil Rogers turns a Curtis Granderson quote into a brief article that really tells us nothing we don’t already know, but I know most of us are dying for either Curtis to get here or Bradley to leave (or, preferably, both) so why not click on the link if you haven’t already and read what it says and yeah I am trying to make this sentence as long as possible.

The forecast calls for trades at next week’s Winter Meetings. Or so says Jim Hendry. (See, that sentence was much shorter.)

Rich Harden to the Red Sox? Could be. I’ve also read yammering that Seattle may make a big push for him. After all, that rain- and coffee-drenched town isn’t far from Harden’s native British Columbia. Still, Boston has made a habit of taking flyers on oft-injured pitchers and might lure Rich with their riches.

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