It’s usually somewhere around Thursday when I start collecting the potential Lizzies of the week and jotting down my sparkling conversational items for my first paragraph. Yesterday morning while I waited for my bowl of Apple Jacks to inspire me, I wrote this:

Does anyone know whether Aaron Heilman will be back? I fear he will but I am hoping someone knows differently? I’m not a Heilman fan and I hope we aren’t stuck with him. Not a Gregg fan either but I think it’s a safe bet he won’t be back.

Then, just a few short hours later like manna from heaven, I heard about the trade. Yippee! I’m a happy gal!! Even if it spoiled the only thing I had to talk about this week! (Though I really did consider chatting about the Apple Jacks!)

Onto the Lizzies … have a great weekend!


  • The guys you mentioned are pretty good, but let’s not forget about Blanco either.
  • It’s as if the media locks in on one guy each off-season for this team and beats it like a drum until something happens.
  • For the first time in three decades, the players were better athletes than the grounds crew.
  • [Fuld] plays hard, is a very disciplined hitter that draws walks and runs the bases well. He’s an intelligent player that knows the game. He’s paid his dues and deserves the shot Johnson has had over the past two years.
  • I see dead people.
  • I, along with many Cubs fan, tend to like those scrappy players with big heart–like Fuld or Johnson.
  • Alan Rench
  • Saw this headline at MLB Trade Rumors “Yankees Interested In Gonzalez, Soriano?” and I almost wet myself. Unfortunately that’s not OUR Soriano.
  • C’mon Jimmy just a few more to go!
  • Considering that I would have accepted a can of Pringles for Heilman, I’ll take it.


  • in 2014, Soriano won’t be worth 14 million Schrutebucks.
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