We tried this the other day with the world series, but it’s a topic that we’re probably not as passionate about this year after the debacle that was 2009. Since this is the first major transaction of the year, what better place to begin getting everyone’s opinions than here?

In case you forgot, the concept is simple. We always argue back and forth throughout the season about guys. We have people (me included) that at the time of a signing back peddle on how they felt. I think that’s OK as you begin to become more familiar with a player, but it’s nice to go back and have a point of reference for your feelings on a guy when he first started with the team.

For me, the Rudy Jamarillo signing seems to be one that has been hyped up just a little too much. I find it amusing that good hitters tend not to be good teachers and good teachers tend not be have been very good hitters. No coach can make that big a difference that it’s worth the hype Jaramillo has brought with his signing. When I saw the signing, I had a few thoughts:

  1. If Jaramillo is such a good hitting coach, head and shoulders above everyone else is what I’ve heard, then how could Texas possibly let him go after having him on staff for 15 years?
  2. If a hitting coach makes such a big difference, why didn’t the addition of Von Joshua make much of a difference mid-season? After all, he had a lot of experience with guys on the roster as they had come through the system.
  3. Does the Jaramillo signing for  multiple years force the new manager in 2011, whoever it may be, to not have complete control over who is on his coaching staff? It seems like it would.

I’d like to hear from you on the following.

  1. FOR / AGAINST / INDIFFERENT – rate your approval or lack thereof for the signing of Rudy Jaramillo
  2. What do you expect to see from the team as a result of his signing? Perhaps specific predictions on individual players. (i.e. – Does this mean someone like Soriano, who has worked with Jaramillo in Texas, will have the return to breakout status we need?)
  3. How much stock do you put in hitting coaches?

In addition, we really could use a better, more catchy name for this series as well as perhaps a logo to use for it if we have any designers in the mix. Just saying. Alright, let’s here it. The only way this works is if everyone posts their thoughts. Don’t be afraid.

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